Daily Summary: October 3, 2019

News Summary

Benjamin Netanyahu focused on securing position as lead of Likud party:
The spokesman for Likud party stated that Netanyahu is considering calling for snap primary elections within Likud. Such a vote could be a preemptive measure to help insure that nobody from Likud agrees to join a coalition that does not have Netanyahu as Prime Minister. If both Gantz and Netanyahu fail to form a government, there will be a period of 21 days where any group of 61 Knesset members can create a coalition together, without having to go through party leadership.

Yair Lapid willing to give up PM rotation in order to achieve unity government:
Lapid stated that he would give up the agreement he had made before the elections with Benny Gantz, which would have seen him and Gantz rotate serving as Prime Minister. Lapid would do this “”For the sake of a unity government”.

New Knesset sworn in:
The Knesset swearing-in ceremony took place Thursday. A record low 17 new Knesset members entered the government body. The Joint List did not join the ceremony, instead choosing to boycott it due to their grievances with the government over its failure to address crime in the Arab communities.

Hamas faces criticism within Gaza:
According to a YNet News analysis of social media posts coming from Gaza, criticism of Hamas is rising in the Gaza Strip. The criticism centers around the fact that Hamas is allegedly pocketing the money from Qatar meant to help the Gazan people, and paying young Gazans small amounts of money to protest against Israel at the border, resulting in severe injuries for these youngsters.

Israeli Olympic Baseball Team consists of all Israeli-Citizens:
Baseball gained some popularity within Israel following the countries impressive results in the World Baseball Classic in 2017. Now, for the first time, Israel will field a team in the Olympics, and in contrast to the team that competed in the World Baseball Classic, all their Olympic players are citizens. Most of them received citizenship recently following a “nation-building” trip.