David’s Sling: New Bad Boy on the Block is Not ISIS

When the Philistine went to fight against David, the shepherd boy who would become king, he was in for a big surprise. Like ISIS today, the Philistines in Biblical history were considered the bad boys of the region. In truth, terrorists are all of the same wrong material and all bad everywhere and at every turn in history. Spilling innocent blood is something God hates. They are all bad. Yet ISIS has been the worst of any fierce enemy in modern times it’s largely agreed, even by standard local bad boy tactics.

We now in Israel have of recent weeks an upgraded weapon system called “Magic Scepter” radical defense system like nothing ever before in Israel. Its official name is David’s Sling (as in his slingshot which defeated our enemies). King David would be very proud of Israel this week.

The new defense system was originally planned to intercept at 200 kilometers and act as a second layer of defense in tandem acting with the Iron Dome. It is designed to intercept medium range missiles. After five years of planning it is by far the worst boy on the block Israelis are saying. David’s Sling can maneuver in various controlled paths to hit and obliterate its target.

The key to understanding much of its greatness is to understand it goes anywhere to get you and destroy the target with unsurpassed maneuvers as of today. The new defense system can also intercept missiles carrying warheads and has a greater range. He is a “very bad boy”. That is the polite way to say how locals are describing this. In short Israelis are going bananas over it.

At a time when the new Star Wars movie is breaking box offices all over Israel, this truly is parallel timing and action along the same lines. One amazing feature of the new system is that it works to destroy with more than a straight line path its target (which is the operational path of the Iron Dome). In other words, it can do as a tailspin to go after the incoming missile until the mission is complete. David’s Sling, however, was perfected to a much higher standard as perfecting advanced in the production and at much higher price tag. The Gaza war last summer spent 70,000 dollars for each missile launched to intercept missiles aimed at us. The new excellent defense weaponry coasts one million each launch. Israel is already having to assess at which point will have to use it and when. Obviously we don’t want to launch million dollar missiles all day long in the next war.

Four strategic locations are planned for the aptly Biblically named machine. It will now be presented to the Air Force and a crew appointed for training on its use. These operators of the new phenomenon are like our heroes in Israel. I can remember little kids during the Iron Dome usage during war in 2014. Kids and teenagers wanted only to go see the “savior”, the Iron Dome, at key locations throughout Israel.  Kids didn’t want to go to the swimming pool or the beach that summer (those were empty anyway at wartime) but they wanted to see the Iron Dome with dad. Candies and presents were delivered daily to those soldiers operating it and protecting us. Our public was ecstatic to see such a wonder in action. They can start baking those cakes again to bless soldiers with as the new system kicks in soon.

Total completion for actual launching ability and use for David’s Sling is to take place at the end of 2016 after precision testing assures it is ready with all systems go. We hope and pray no Philistines will challenge us before then! Our bad boy may just have to be unveiled early if that is the case. He is so smart and so swift, going after all kinds of routes that an enemy missile launches. He can basically do cartwheels and find and destroy any target going in any direction. He is smarter than any Gaon in history who memorized entire Torahs! It is called the heavens closed in military circles. The Iron Dome was known as the shield (over a specific area it was protecting but this is the entire heavens closed (sealed protected) as nothing can penetrate us during her going into action because of duo layer of protection. This is how it is being described as her mission aim, to close the heavens, or the Magic Scepter (scepter means rule). The word magic here used in Israel lends more to the idea of supernatural ability and far superior, not in an occult sense. The rule part of the description, however, is most interesting given that Yeshua is all powerful and will rule the nations with an Iron Scepter or firm hand.

This is as a prophetic move if we can imagine that nothing evil one day will enter the holy city. That day the city will be as closed, evil not able to penetrate and nothing wicked will be able to get in when Yeshua rules if I understand the Bible correctly. David’s sling may give us a foretaste perhaps as a prototype of protection to locals and what that may feel like to be so covered in protection from our enemies. Many today after all are still are reeling from the aftershocks of last summer’s attacks on us by Gazans and Hamas. Perhaps we could use this to further evangelism if we can help others know about being safe in God alone. We could make comparisons.

The developers name is top secret as is appropriate. For this genius who built it shall we say the sky is the limit in his future, I would think so. What talent, what brains!

For those of us who stayed in the country during the Gaza war last summer we remember our homes shaken furiously as missiles were intercepted all day and night over us. We remember the fear as we scrambled for a tree (as home front commanded us) to hide under and take protection from falling metal pieces of missiles. We remember also the little boy who could not make it to his bomb shelter in time after successfully reaching it many times before. Last summer, as we huddled in bomb shelters all over the region with blaring warning sirens all through the hours we often felt as sitting ducks.

This time we won’t have to be so timid. It’s a good thing to have a real bad boy like this around our area for such a time as this. America has her Trump bad boy and we have something a little fiercer, our David’s Sling. Funding by the way partially came from the US government, and Raytheon (USA) was part of the design together with Raphael Defense Systems. As our Prime Minister has said often, we must do what we have to do, protect the land, as onslaughts are not few and they will continue. Looks like we’re ready like never before when they come.

As David defeated his huge giant Goliath, we too upon launchings our new weaponry soon, will most undoubtedly remember David as he swung at his enemy with his sling…. and David knocked him out of the game, for good. Goliath’s intentions were very wicked for Israel and so are our enemy’s intentions too. Get ready for the heaven to be closed as is the going expression concerning this bad boy system, get ready for it to be a huge success in the IDF. Move over ISIS, you don’t look so big from this standpoint. Some sky bulling is about to take place and this may be a good thing. No wonder Star Wars is such a hit, it is no longer a movie but it’s real and coming soon.

While we appreciate un-matched surpassing intelligence of our Jewish family to create such a stupendous machine may we pray that Israel sees her strength in our God alone for the ultimate victory. With all the praise due here may the children of Israel wish one day to see their Savior Yeshua more than any Intel man can design. We are but frail and only weak flesh and this system may indeed save us for next time around or even a time and a half. Our real saving depends upon our true Lord and only Savior. That’s the saving and protection that Israel can enjoy until eternity upon her receiving her Messiah.

May we get ready to bless him with homemade cakes and candy too with all the children wanting to go see him in action ruling from Jerusalem. Yeshua, the only name under heaven in which a man may be saved and far more worthy of all praise due Him.

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Shlomy Abramov is a local Messianic pastor and writer and humanitarian aid leader in Israel. He is an ex –policeman in Israel. He was the first Israeli born graduate of Israel College of the bible to hold a four year degree in Theology in Israel. He has written his testimony in English and Hebrew Shalom at Last. He was trained in in evangelism in Israel and shared his faith for over a decade with his fellow Israelis but took early retirement to begin Awake Israel Ministries. He travels over the globe sharing Israel from the perspective of fifth-generation Israeli, and has shared in hundreds of churches worldwide on behalf of the kingdom of God and his faith as a believer in Yeshua.