Day of Prayer and Fasting for Pastor David Davis, Jan 25, 2016

David and Karen Davis

David Davis, the Founding Pastor of Kehilat HaCarmel in Haifa, was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is currently receiving treatment at Oasis of Hope Hospital, a well-respected cancer treatment center in Mexico, run by committed Christian doctors, which combines alternative and conventional treatments. The congregation is calling for a day of fasting and prayer for David’s healing on Monday, January 25, and would like to invite you to join them in interceding for him.

On that same day of fasting and prayer, David will be undergoing surgery by the head doctor at Oasis of Hope, Dr. Contreras, to remove the tumor in his neck, which is expected to relieve most of the debilitating symptoms he has been experiencing.

Please pray:

  • For wisdom and precision for the surgeon, with no complications during or after the surgery.
  • For total healing and restoration of David’s strength and voice.
  • Strength and health for Karen, his wife, as she attends to David’s needs during this challenging time.
  • Strength and safety for David and Karen for their flights back to Israel on Feb. 2.