Dire warning to believing parents of teens (especially girls)

If you’re a sincere believer, you probably took your parenting charge seriously. You likely dedicated your precious new bundles of joy, at your congregation, promising to raise them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. And you sincerely meant it, but what you couldn’t have known, in advance, was that, by the time your precious children would reach their teen years, there would be a demonic unleashing of the powers of hell on this particular generation of children, the likes of which has been unrivaled.

That’s not to say that each prior generation, of believing kids, didn’t also have their unique set of challenges. They did! There was always something tugging at them, trying to get their attention and cause them to leave the faith. In the 60s, it was flower power, the hippie movement, enticing drugs and the psychedelic experience. It promised pleasure, excitement and a certain level of cool that reached out to the under 30 crowd.

In the 70s, 80s, 90s, and into the new millennium, it was the usual – drugs, sex, pursuit of money and power, all culminating in the choice, by many, to leave what they felt to be a smothering faith which limited too many of their possibilities. These kids, consequently, became spiritual casualties, abandoning the ways of their parents and relying upon their own cunning and ability to carve out their own destiny. Sadly, it’s been a continuous descent into a godless existence, and, as regrettable as that has been, still – no one could have predicted what would follow in the wake of this growing trend.

However, in order to really comprehend what is taking place these days, you would have to grasp the unfathomable depth of rage and unbridled hatred which Satan has for God’s creation. It is beyond anything we are able to imagine or conjure up. Now take that and multiply it by an incalculable amount, and you have the insidious and vicious onslaught of what is happening to teenagers today.

It’s as if a new, loathsome mental and psychological virus has struck, what were, otherwise, normal and well-adjusted kids, causing them to question and doubt God’s order of “creating them male and female.” It is now the focus of Satan’s cruel plan, as he sows confusion, bewilderment, uncertainty and turmoil in the hearts and minds of teens who suddenly no longer know who they are.

How does it happen? There are so many explanations, and causes which helped to create the fertile ground that was needed in order to break down the good seed that was planted at a very early age.

For most believing parents, there was no question that attending a weekly service was part of their routine, making sure that their children would receive biblical instruction and godly wisdom, all necessary components for the development of real faith. It’s also likely that many of these families gathered their children for prayer and bible reading, in an attempt to set a good example of connecting regularly with the Lord.

It’s also probable that financial sacrifices were made to send these children to a believing school, where their chances of exposure to bad influences would be greatly minimized. Perhaps they attended a believing youth group. Yet, all those safeguards do not, necessarily, translate into a vibrant and strong faith transferring onto those children.

What happens in those hours of little or no supervision, where kids are left to their own devices, has often created a void where they have sought out different influences which have opened the door to deception, evil spirits and even demonic attack – all under the unsuspecting eye of parents who had no idea that this was going on right under their noses.

For those who have sent their kids to public school, attended by the unsaved, a massive invasion of Woke ideology has flooded the classrooms and radically changed the type of education which is now being demanded, under the guise of showing more sensitivity, inclusivity and open-mindedness. Because all of a sudden, society has been filled with those who claim they are different from what has existed until now.

It can no longer be taken for granted that a boy still believes he’s a boy, that a girl still believes she is a girl. What is believed today, is subject to change tomorrow or the next day. In other words, the grounding and stability, which once gave our kids a sense of security in their identity, is no longer operable.

If you think this cannot happen to your kids, think again. This is a clever and trendy social contagion, which is being promoted and pushed on kids, by those who have a specific agenda in ridding our society of normative personalities and behaviors. It is being fueled by cynical and unprincipled educators, by well-funded groups, which want to destroy the nuclear family and by politicians, corporations and individuals who believe that nothing is absolute, that laws are superfluous and that God is dead!

In short, it’s an evil spirit which has invaded our world with a vengeance, and in recent days, there have been reports of more and more believing kids, from nice believing families, who have become infected by this Satanic influence, which will not be quenched, until this entire generation of believing youth is eradicated in its wake.

There has never been a more perilous time than this present day. Kids, wanting to feel accepted, part of a group and in lock-step with everyone else, have no desire or fortitude to stand alone, against this tsunami of insanity, madness and derangement – because, in truth, they neither have the spiritual tools nor the discernment to recognize what has gotten hold of them.

Many, even now, are having their minds and hearts invaded as they see friends, peers and classmates adopt this new wave of gender dysphoria. Once, concerned over the possibility that a child might believe they are homosexual, these kids can’t even make up their mind if they are gay, non-binary, transgender or any of the 70+ other categories which have been created in order to accommodate just about every type of mental disorder known to man. They just know that they are not the gender which was biologically assigned to them at birth.

The most disturbing thing about all of this is that, the more they question and doubt, the more troubled they become. We now know that the rates of suicide for these kids is upwards to 50%, because without feeling anchored and safe in one’s identity, there is no basis for security or well-being. Definitions and boundaries have ceased to be a central part of their psyche. So, life no longer has meaning and hope for them.

But then isn’t that the goal of the enemy of our soul – to keep us in a state of anguish, agony and misery? Anything would feel better than going on one more day in this morass of confusion and derangement.

These are the extreme feelings which cause kids to consider ending it all, and once that happens, Satan has won!

If you are not distressed and feel the urgency to know what’s really going on inside the minds and hearts of your kids, after reading this, then you’ve either chosen to blow this off as dramatic hyperbole or you are living in a fantasy world where you believe that your family is untouchable.

Make no mistake about this. It is truly a dire warning which each reader must take seriously. It is incumbent upon each parent to unapologetically find out what is happening with their kids. They may not tell you, but know day.

Hopefully, it is not too late, because this is not going away anytime soon. It is the scourge of this generation of teenagers who are the prize which the enemy seeks to snatch from their rightful destiny of knowing God with all of their hearts, souls and mind.

If your kids have been infected, begin to pray earnestly for their deliverance. Get them into needed counseling, and fill any voids which have been created in your absence. Please waste no more time thinking that all will be well, because it may not be so.

You have been warned!