DNC: Jewish Dems must Preach ‘Never Trump’ to Fellow Jews

Democrats are strongly urging Jewish activists to persuade conservative Jews to vote Democrat in the upcoming presidential election, hoping that a higher than usual percentage of Jewish votes will seal a victory for Hillary Clinton.

Speakers at a “Jewish Roundtable”  at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday offered talking points and shrill rhetoric for Democrat delegates to use when urging Republican Jews to vote against their party’s nominee Donald Trump in favor of Hillary Clinton. The event was hosted by Sarah Bard, Hillary Clinton’s Jewish outreach director, and Aaron Weinberg, the DNC’s director of Jewish engagement.

“There is a unique opportunity with our Republican Jewish brothers and sisters who may not support this nominee,” Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), who is Jewish, said. “It’s important for us to be their conscience, and we say, ‘Look, I understand you’re a conservative, you’re a Republican. But this nominee is beyond the pale.’”

“I hope that in our Jewish community we recognize this face of authoritarian, this face of fascism that has tormented our people across many different nations in different time periods, and help play a meaningful role in ensuring that it does not win out.”

While an estimated 75 percent of American Jews traditionally vote Democrat, Polis said that a 90 percent Jewish vote for Clinton could secure her key swing states such as Florida and Arizona.

Several prominent Jewish Republicans including Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, have already said that they would not vote for Trump.

New York Councilman David Greenfield noted Clinton’s record on Israel is proven while Trump’s remains uncertain.

“If you look at where the candidates stand, Hillary Clinton has been a supporter of Israel throughout her whole career,” he said. Regarding Trump, he referred to the businessman’s position as grand marshal of the 2004 Israel Day Parade in New York. “Because you marched in an Israel Day parade once does not mean you are supporter of Israel.”