Does the Bible warn nations not to divide the Land of Israel? Has God hardened the heart of Mahmoud Abbas like Pharoah? How should Christians pray at this volatile moment?


(Jerusalem, Israel) — I have not endorsed the White House peace plan. There are positive, innovative elements in the 181-page proposal. There are also elements that concern me, and many points I believe will be enormously controversial. Potentially explosive.

I was disappointed, though not surprised, that Mahmoud Abbas immediately said “1,000 no’s” to the plan. Yet I was encouraged that many Arab governments — Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait and even Qatar — have applauded the U.S. for developing it, are regarding it as a starting point for discussion, and are encouraging Palestinians and Israelis to engage in immediate, direct and serious negotiations.

With enormous interest among Christians in the U.S. and around the world, I’ve done a number of interviews this week to help provide analysis and context. I’ve posted some of them below. The most interesting might be a 14-minute conversation with CBN News.

  • I was asked if the Bible warns against dividing the Land of Israel.
  • We discussed whether it was possible that God is hardening the heart of Palestinian leaders like He did the Pharoah in Biblical times to prevent them from accepting a Palestinian state.
  • I was also asked how Christians should pray in this highly volatile moment.

This is a very challenging moment in our neighborhood, especially as followers of Jesus Christ. It’s one thing to write novels about “worst case scenarios” in the region. It’s quite another to navigate very controversial theological and geopolitical issues, trying to be true to one’s understanding of the Scriptures, while always loving our neighbors and even our enemies, as the Lord commands. It’s challenging, too, to write and speak about such matters, not wanting to offend but rather speak the truth in love.

Whatever you think about the plan, please keep Israeli and Arab believers in your prayers. Please pray for unity among the believers. And please keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem.


Here’s the text (and video) of the main story posted on the CBN News site by Jerusalem bureau chief Chris Mitchell — CBN NEWS INTERVIEWS MIDDLE EAST EXPERT JOEL ROSENBERG ON PRESIDENT TRUMP’S PEACE PLAN.

Middle East expert and best-selling author Joel Rosenberg spoke with CBN News about President Trump’s historic peace plan unveiled at the White House on Tuesday. Rosenberg addressed a number of issues including:

  •  His initial impressions of this historic plan. 
  •  How significant it is to have Sunni Arab nations react positively to the plan. 
  •  What about the internal opposition Israeli Prime Minister faces here in Israel? 
  •  How will Evangelical Christians react to this plan? 
  •  How should Christians pray for Israelis and Palestinians as they face this historic crossroads?

Rosenberg brings years of experience in the Middle East to his analysis, has met face to face with many of the leaders of the Middle East, and his geopolitical thriller novels have been read by millions. 



This article originally appeared on Joel’s blog and reposted with permission