Does True Love Really Wait?


What do you think of when you hear “True Love Waits?” When you think of someone who is waiting for their husband or wife what do you picture? Do you picture a girl who is too ugly to be with someone? What about a boy who society thinks must be gay if he is not sleeping around?

All of these questions are unfortunately the reality of today’s society. Truthfully, many people are buying the lies that you have to “try it before you buy it.” I am here to personally share my ultimate fight against the ridicule people have always given me. Not only have I received nasty comments when some found out about my promise to save myself for my future husband, but some have even expressed how I will eventually give in to my raging hormones. Now I want to go ahead and express that this is my personal commitment, and its something that is very important to me. I am just here to express the beauty in waiting.

Waiting is not always easy
Yes, I realize that I am still single and waiting, but I keep imagining how beautiful, it’s going to be sharing my purity with my husband. I look forward to the day I say, “Baby, I waited for you.” Maybe some are reading this with thoughts like, “What does she even know about being in a relationship? She must be weird in some kind of way!” Or maybe you are thinking, “Don’t look to her for advice on dating because she is still single.” I have already received all of those comments. To be honest, I am human and yes, I have thought about having sex outside of marriage on several occasions. I have been put in situations that if I wanted to have sex I could have. The reality is this. There is someone whom I treasure more than sex itself. See, now is when you start to think, “Oh, she is going to start preaching at us.” And no, actually I’m not! I am going to help you understand why I have waited and will continue to wait for my future husband.

Realize this is love
During my time of waiting I have come to learn many valuable lessons as a single woman. I tend to watch others and learn from their mistakes, but I tend to always wonder a couple of things: Why can’t I just go make my own mistakes? If the Lord forgave them, he can do the same for me one day right? Absolutely! The Lord is a very loving and caring God, and is always there for us to turn to. The Lord always forgives us, wraps us in His arms, and comforts us making sure we know it’s going to be okay. See I know that as humans we are bound to make mistakes, but the one mistake I don’t want to make is to give myself to anyone but my future husband. See I already love him so much that I will choose to wait for him even if that means many more single evenings spent watching Netflix and eating broccoli.

I can’t wait to share everything about me with my husband, so why would I want to place my heart in the hands of someone who will destroy it? Saving myself is one of the hardest things EVER it feels like, but it has saved me from so many guys who just want to “hit it and quit it.” In the past I received comments from some men who have said, You’re marriage material, and I’m looking to play,” or they just walk away. Last time I checked that was not the kind of love I am waiting for. I am waiting for the kind of love talked about in the Scriptures. I am waiting to fall in love with someone who will not only guard my heart, but will treasure me as a person and not just a trophy by his side. See when I think of true love I picture the Scripture passage that speaks on qualities of love.:1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and I rest assured in knowing that if I am dwelling on that passage my future husband is, as well.

I know the enemy knows my ultimate weakness. Can anyone guess what it is? Well, if you guessed the fear of being single forever, you win! I decided to no longer live with that mindset because fear is not from the lord. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 1 Timothy 1:7 There is no such thing as perfect people, and please believe me when I say I am not writing this to toot my horn and throw the fact that I am a pure and saving myself in peoples’ faces. I am simply telling my story so that other young women out there will take comfort in knowing that they are not alone in the wait for their soul mate, best friend, and someone who will treat them like a princess. He is out there, ladies, so keep praying for him, and when you feel the enemy telling you otherwise remember Ephesians 6:16 . This passage speaks of taking out the shield of faith, so take it out and believe that your husband is also waiting for you. “True love will wait, but true lust will not!

So I will leave you with this: Will you wait? Do you want your future spouse to wait for you? Is it worth it?