Dove necklace

It was the summer of 2014, not quite a year since we had moved up north to the beautiful Galilee. I was attending plan (Hebrew language classes) to umpf my Hebrew skills. It was a very hot summer, and the politics were hotter! Terrible news of three yeshiva students being kidnapped captivated the hearts and prayers of each and every Israeli, and the political tensions increased from that moment on. Everything went down hill. Rockets started flying out from the Gaza strip and terror tunnels were a massive concern for the security of the civilians that lived in close proximity. And then… the phone call recruiting the reservist rang close to home. My husband was called up.

I had hoped that maximum he would train for a week and then everything would settle down and he would come home, just like it had happened in the past. But no, one week went by, then another… My mind now was totally consumed, could hardly pay attention to any of my ulpan classes. Then our anniversary came around, and still my husband was down there doing his part in defending this small precious country. All I could really do was pray. And pray I did. And it blessed me to know that people all over the world were praying for this war to end. The verse in the Psalms that came to mind was, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” So important, we need this peace! Both sides need this peace, Jewish side and the Palestinian side. So after a month, my man with all his fingers and toes finally came back home – thanks be to God! He was safe and unharmed physically which was such a blessing!

Afterwards came an inspiration from this difficult time. A dove necklace. Dove representing peace and on the back is inscribed the reference for Ps. 122:6. A pretty reminder to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


I think God knew that Jerusalem would be contested over, especially since it is the place where God said He placed His heart. Thus we must stand on guard and keep on praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

So that is the little story behind my inspiration for these necklaces. My husband has been gone for his regular reserve duty this week, so this story came to mind.

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