Dream: A Company of Prophets

At a conference in Florida, I attended everything the first day, but the second day, I packed and took my suitcase to the breakfast hall, where there was very little left to eat. I sat with friends but everyone had finished eating and began boarding a yellow school bus, so I left my suitcase behind and joined them.

While sitting with a friend, a handicapped boy came over and began to speak with us. His words were slurred, so he was a little hard to understand, but we conversed until a man nearby began to mock and imitate everything the boy said.  When the boy sadly walked away, I rebuked that man for being so unkind!

Then the bus driver hit the accelerator and was speeding down the road too quickly. When I asked him where we were going, he said you will see when you get there. So I requested that he pull over so I could exit the bus.

Left alone on the street corner, I decided to walk back to the conference and while ascending the hill, I was transported to another place and encountered a rather large group of people. The lady in front said to me, “Watch what will happen in DC.” Of course this got my attention because I’m planning to be there next month for an assignment, יהוה willing.

Many of them knew me, but I didn’t know them. Then I realized that they were a real company of prophets. Some spoke Hebrew and one lady played a video from when I gave a word to her team leader many years ago. I actually remembered this encounter, and we all had a good laugh at the end of this word:

“After you speak a word over someone, then don’t puff up but listen carefully for more.”

None of these people were famous and several were handicapped but all were filled with the joy of יהוה. I felt at home with them.

Then I was suddenly back in the Cotswolds, UK and heard that I’d encounter a witch today and should be prepared to open my mouth and give her a word of warning. Of course, I prefer giving words of comfort and encouragement, but I learned many years ago the importance of giving warnings too.

(Sure enough there were two encounters that day, just as I heard and יהוה gave the words to speak!)