Dream – abortion, a volcano and the court room of Heaven

I entered a huge auditorium where most of the seats were already taken and the show was about to begin. We, like most people there, didn’t know what the show was about but since we were hoping to sell some phones afterwards and had a table set up, it seemed like a good show to attend because there were so many people there.

I walked to the third row from the front and saw two dear friends from Texas to greet. Behind this couple was another friend who was very uncomfortable in his seat. I noticed there was a seat available in the middle of the third row so I squiggled over there to get that seat for my friend who was uncomfortable. But the seat was actually taken by a woman who was sitting on the floor in great distress. So I asked her if she wanted to leave and she and her husband agreed that she should go with me while her husband stayed.

She followed me out of the auditorium and we drove to the apartment were my husband and I were staying. As soon as we entered the apartment, we turned on the TV to watch the show and were horrified by what was being shown.

A woman was lying on a table covered by a large white sheet. Her legs were up in the air and she was clearly pregnant. Two huge needles came down from above the stage and punctured her belly and the blood began to flow like lava. There was no doctor in attendance but she was alone except for the automated device that was performing the abortion. Many in the audience were also horrified but most were quietly and calmly watching the procedure with great interest.

The woman in our house felt faint so she laid down with her head in my lap. She sadly told us that she had been scheduled to go next so she was glad not to be there. But then suddenly she began to bleed and the blood was pouring out from her belly too.

Suddenly the scene switched from our apartment to the Canary Islands volcano on El Paso, Las Palma. The cone of the volcano had even more openings that weren’t there before punctured in its side and the lava was pouring out at an alarming rate.

And then I heard Adonai say that this volcano was a reflection of the abortion rate in the nations. The lava was flowing like blood and had no intention of stopping.

And then I saw a court room in heaven that had been opened. The people had been seated and were awaiting the verdict. It was a very solemn assembly and no one spoke but meanwhile the volcano below continued to roar and pour out lava like blood.

This was one of those dreams that I hesitated to write down but it just lingered in my mind, so I finally reached for my phone and wrote it down, remembering every detail so clearly.

And then I understood that this was a confirmation to honor the Justice Foundation’s request to serve at the National Day of Repentance and Solemn Assemblies on December 1st. It will be the day of Oral Argument at the Supreme Court for the Mississippi ban on late term abortion. This is the first time since 1992 there is a Supreme Court Conservative majority and a case that directly challenges Roe V Wade.