Dream: Harari, with two interpretations

Yuval Noah Harari, professor of History at Hebrew University, at the World Economic Forum in 2020 (Photo: Boris Baldinger/WEF)

There were several of us seated around the table in a conference room. There was a man sitting directly across from me who looked familiar and then I realized it was Yuval Noah Harari, the Israeli “prophet” of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Several times I felt his eyes boring into me so I finally looked directly into his eyes, pointing gently at him and said, “I know who you are and I’ve been watching you.”

He looked at me with a mixture of fear and amusement and just said, “I’ve been watching you too and you’re good.”

So I replied while pointing at his cold heart that there’s nothing good in me, except for the One who lives within me. But he shook his head in disagreement and I could clearly see that he was mocking G-d.

I walked outside to get my bike and he followed me. While he was getting into his car to leave the parking lot, I saw that the gate was closed and it was missing an electrical piece to be able to open it. Then I found the missing piece on the ground. It was some kind of an electrical contraption with a keyhole that was very sticky on one side. And I knew it was to be stuck somewhere but had no idea where. Then I realized it was the apparatus used to open the gate, so I stuck it on to the top part of the gateway with the keyhole facing away from the parking lot.

When Harari pushed the button in his car, the gate that was stuck was finally opened and he laughed victoriously. I watched the gate open with amusement because the gateway was too small for his car to come through! So he had to leave it in the parking lot and walk. He passed through the gateway while glaring at me with rage, which quickly changed to fear. Knowing that we’d meet again, I offered to give him my worship music CDs the next time we meet. He agreed but then quickly walked away, disappearing before my eyes in a dark cloud of smoke.

So I got on my bike and rode south toward the desert to find our place there…

And I had a strong impression upon awakening that this was not about Harari and me personally, but about the kingdom of darkness and light and that the enemy, while continually mocking the remnant, is actually afraid of us. So we need to rise up through our own fears of the devastation, terror and disaster he brings and walk in 100% confidence in our King Yeshua who has already won the past and coming battles!

Interpretation 1:

Brilliant! I concur with the interpretation. Harari has got the pride part of the role well established, but the fear of the servants of YHVH walking in their true authority is a new terror for him. We must unite, arise and engage; using our YHVH-given authority in the Spirit!

Interpretation 2:

Every demonic confederacy worth its salt is meeting between now and the 9th of Av, trying to overpower the people of G-d, but this dream demonstrates the condition they’re in – mocking but threatened.