I was driving the city streets of Los Angeles, searching for the post office with white columns. When I found it, I parked the car and mailed a package. Upon returning to the car, I wasn’t sure where to go next, so I drove around a large city block and passed the post office three times. And then I knew where to go next.

I left the car in a parking lot near a small jungle waterfall that was flowing from a red rock wall.

Then I walked the city streets carrying a large metal shovel. Before leaving the house I dressed in a lace white top and burgundy skirt. Richard went on ahead of me in a car, taking a young Spanish man to his job. And Deborah was walking and dancing behind me on the sidewalk, wearing a Winnie the Pooh costume. There were two Hispanic men directly behind me, carrying their shovels over their shoulders as they walked to work on their landscaping job. I admired the beautiful flowers they were to plant and the awesome work they were doing along the city streets.

Then I stood on my shovel’s top where the feet go, knowing with certainty that this was the correct thing to do. However every time I jumped up and down on my shovel, it only hit the concrete, so it was unable to break up the concrete ground. But I was told to keep doing this so I did. I even got an electric scooter with a shovel on the front so I could cover more ground with the shoveling!

I continued to do this for days, not seeing any results but knowing that this was correct. One of the main problems seemed to be the lack of fresh, clean water. Even though there were many sources of water all around the city, there was a continual sense of thirst. No matter how much water people drank, they continued to long for more water.

One day, while preparing to jump on my shovel, I noticed strips of rich, fertile, black soil that were loaded with minerals and everything plants need to flourish. The green, lush plants were springing up in parts of the city’s barren sidewalks.

And all along the way I planted a shekel here and there in that rich black soil, declaring Daniel 5:25-28, that the city had been weighed before Adonai.

Then I awoke, understanding more of the calling…


This is the interpretation of the message: ‘MENE’ מְנֵא G-d has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it.

‘TEKEL’ תְּקַל you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient.

‘PERES’ פְּרַס your kingdom has been divided and given away…”

(Bring 50 and single shekelim and half shekelim for this journey)

Dream 2

Then I fell asleep and was back in the city.  This time I was at the entrance of a packed courtroom whose interior was solid cedar wood. The fragrance of the wood had a rich, deep golden-brown color. And I was reminded of the pre-Shavuot dream about the color of music. Now I understand that fragrances also have colors.

As I stood at the entrance of the courtroom I saw the Global Watch leaders and many other elders – 40 in all, clothed in white robes and sitting in the place where the judges sit.  And I was told to submit this dream to the regional elders.