Dream & prayer request from Adonai

I was with some traveling musicians and we had gathered up our musical instruments, microphones, lighting and other equipment. Everything was packed light specifically for travel. At one point we were going through a field, crawling on our bellies like soldiers. We passed under bridges and ramps and when we passed by the grand piano that was painted white with sparkling jewels all over it, we knew we were in the right place. I don’t actually remember getting out our instruments, but we knew we had accomplished what we came to do. So then we returned to the gathering house.

We took notes, writing about songs and equipment. We knew there had been some very evil people near that white jeweled grand piano who were indiscriminately killing people but we had no fear of them.

At the gathering house some men who were clearly not musicians were present and I watched them taking notes. I was wondering who they were but quickly realized they were the people who Golda Meir sent out after the slaughter at the Munich Olympics.

We gathered up our equipment to go out again and this time the trained assassins came with us. Since one other musician and I had actually witnessed one of the targets in action, they asked us to ride in the car with them and identify him. So we did and sure enough we found him and took him out.

Then I awoke and heard clearly to pray for trained assassins to rise up. My initial thought was – did I hear correctly? Would Adonai instruct me to do such a thing?

And then I considered many prayers that King David declared in Psalms 55, 58, 59, 83 and many other verses. And I had a strong impression that it’s time to pray like this.

Jeremiah 51:19-24

The portion of Jacob is not like these; for He is the Maker of everything, and of the tribe of His inheritance; The L-rd of armies is His name. He says, “You are My war-club, My weapon of war; and with you I shatter nations, and with you I destroy kingdoms. With you I shatter the horse and his rider, and with you I shatter the chariot and its rider, and with you I shatter man and woman, and with you I shatter the old man and youth, and with you I shatter the young man and virgin, and with you I shatter the shepherd and his flock, and with you I shatter the farmer and his team, and with you I shatter governors and officials. But I will repay Babylon and all the inhabitants of Chaldea for all their evil that they have done in Zion before your eyes,” declares the L-rd.

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Carolyn Margolin-Hyde was raised in an Orthodox Jewish synagogue near Chicago. She graduated from University of Illinois and as an RN she practiced nursing for many years. After making Aliyah Carolyn served as worship leader at K’tsir Asher, The Harvest of Asher Congregation, in Akko, and then led worship at Kehilat Poriya, a congregation near Tiberius. She has written and recorded many worship songs in English and Hebrew and her worship CD’s include “Just Like Joseph” and “The Latter Rain”- contemporary worship CDs; “Deep Calls to Deep” – a soaking CD; and “Fine Linen” – worship with a touch of the blues.