Dream: The Gate to Dreams

I saw a familiar gate that was closing and heard the lock click into place loudly. I have seen this beautiful entry gate in many other dreams. It’s black with gold highlights painted on it, made of an intricate pattern of filagree metal. Though I hadn’t seen it for a while, I recognized it immediately as the gate connected to when the latter rains would fall.

Then I heard Adonai clearly say to choose whether to keep the gate open or locked.

And suddenly He took me back in time to university days when I was an atheist. For 30 nights after waking up from a dream, I’d find that the morning newspaper’s headlines were exactly what I’d just dreamt. After a month of this I ran outside and screamed up at the heavens, “Whoever is doing this, stop it!” And sure enough, the dreams stopped for years.

Then I was confronted by two small, unclean spirits: discouragement and intimidation. These were at work through the words of another believer who recently said to stop posting the dreams because they’re pointless and make no sense to him.

But I clearly heard Adonai say, “I have given you these dreams to be other people’s puzzle pieces. They are necessary. But you can choose to lock the gate or keep it open.”

I agreed to keep the gate open and was shown how to rebuke those spirits of discouragement and intimidation and at once felt a sense of relief. Then I was shown logical thinking followed by what was presented as rare assets called spiritual discernment of times and seasons plus sensory intelligence of mind, body and soul, and was told that these must come together for the whole human event. And I watched them knit together in people who choose to keep the gates open.

Upon awakening I pondered these terms and wondered if this was shown to understand the plans of G-d regarding AI?