Pastor Eddie Santoro’s Post-Surgery Report and Prognosis

Sixteen days have passed since my surgery and we want to thank you for your faithful love, your support and prayers. The outpouring of love that we have received from you has been the best medicine for my recovery! We continually thank the Lord for each one of you and we ask you to keep praying. The road before us is long and challenging and you really do make a difference.
We want to give you a summary of the current situation. Overall I am recovering well. I am writing this myself which is a clear indication that my brain is functioning after all the trauma of the operation! Because of all the prayers, there were no complications from the surgery and all the dangers the doctor warned us about did not happen! I still have to recuperate so we are receiving visitors in our home and doing some small chores outside the house.

We also want to give praise to Yeshua for the community of brothers and sisters that surround us. Our congregation has been a fountain of overflowing love to us in a personal and wonderful way. Many come to visit and pray with us and we are well supplied with food and offers of assistance in any way we need. We are indeed seeing the fruit of the years invested in the lives of people so that the Body would be built up in love. We are pleased to report that Ahavat Yeshua is truly an expression of the life and love of the Lord.

The prognosis itself is challenging. We spoke with the oncologist this past week and he shared with us that the tumor was malignant and of a most aggressive nature and the treatment needed was also to be very aggressive, comprising five or six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. Please pray that the side effects will be minimal and that God would use these treatments to destroy any remaining malignancy.

Ahavat Yeshua

We also want to encourage you to pray for our congregation and the young leaders. It is functioning well but obviously my involvement as pastor will be greatly diminished during this period. In the last few years, we have worked hard to raise up the young leaders and we have established a good infrastructure. They are all working full time and have growing young families. The demands on their time is already great but they have responded with hearts of service and love and are sacrificing where necessary to fill the needs that have been created by my absence.

Please also pray for Asher and Betty who oversee the congregation and in addition to their many other tasks are now working hard to keep the natural rhythm of Ahavat Yeshua flowing uninterruptedly.

Pray for Dan Juster who also an elder as he endeavors to help organize and oversee the smooth functioning of the congregation. Just a few days after my surgery, his wife Patty had serious back surgery. Both of them had been very active in meeting with our young leaders regularly.

We will continue to keep you updated and by God’s grace will write again soon.

Again we thank you, bless you and send you mountains of love in Yeshua our Messiah.

With Love from Zion,

Eddie and Jackie