Empowering Jewish & Arab Women for ministry! Women in Leadership Course at OFI Bible College

Listen to these amazing testimonies of Jewish and Arab women in ministry currently taking our Women in leadership course at One for Israel Bible College! Looking at the “big picture” of the Body of Messiah in Israel, we see women of influence being catalysts for bringing revival and growth to their communities. Our charge to our students is to take what they have learned back to their congregations and cultivate a team of women who are prayerfully focused on evangelizing, discipling, and counseling others. The goal is a movement of women grounded in Biblical truth, who are affirmed in their identities, strengthened in their callings, and equipped to lead lives of ministry. Shifting the general paradigm from a few women who are carrying the load, to a community of women who are seen, heard, and known by God and equipped to serve His people… For more information go to:https://www.oneforisrael.org/women-in-leadership/