Encouraging update from the Ebenezer Senior Citizen Home in Haifa

Enjoying residents' talents (Photo courtesy)

Israel recently has entered into the second wave of the COVID-19 virus, and as predicted, this wave has far surpassed the first in number of cases and deaths. Praise be to God, the Home has remained clean from the virus! The staff members are tested weekly for the virus, and the residents are being encouraged to leave the Home only for very necessary medical appointments.

The work atmosphere at the Home is intense, fast-paced, and laden with a great sense of responsibility. In the past few months, two residents have gone to be with the Lord and four new residents have entered the Home. We have felt the strain, as several of our volunteers from abroad were required to leave the country, and we have not been able to receive new volunteers. On the other hand, we are very thankful for a new worker on our nursing ward and for students whom have helped fill in the gaps. In Israel there is no escape from the intensity of constant political and security tensions within and without and the reality that the “top may blow off this pot” at any moment. We as workers are experiencing additional heat, as we strive to keep ourselves healthy and support our residents coping with the ramifications of their quite restricted lifestyle.

In compliance with directives from the Ministry of Health, the workers no longer eat with the residents, and the residents needing on-going nursing care are no longer eating in the dining room, rather on their own floor. Some of the weekly activities have been canceled, in-order to minimize the amount of workers coming in from the outside who work in multiple places. Family members are allowed to visit the residents, but each visit must be scheduled and executed strictly according to government restrictions. We are adapting accordingly, but these changes have altered the welcoming, family-character of the Home.

Thanks to all the prayer being lifted up within the Home and all over the globe, we are experiencing an incredible amount of God’s grace and favor throughout this challenging season.

The residents and workers are giving of themselves sacrificially and innovatively. The workers are finding themselves lending a hand and exercising flexibility in unprecedented ways, and the residents are helping us along through their on-going intercession. They carry the joy and the peace of the Lord, and they are standing steadfastly in the face of this awkward and difficult reality. I am humbled as I meet with the residents and see how the Lord is using this season to refine them even more!

If I could broadcast something daily to the entire Ebenezer family, it would be the cheer, “Go team, go!!!”

May we press onward and upward, drawing nearer to the Lord and humbly walking in greater dependence upon Him. May we recognize this season as an opportunity to shine brightly in an ever-darkening world around us by being a conduit of His peace, love, and hope.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers. May the Lord bless you and keep you!

We are so grateful for:

– Our residents and workers whom have been spared from COVID -19

– Our new nurses’ aide and the students who have helped to fill in the gaps

–  The flexibility and cooperation of residents and staff, in light of all the changes, due to the virus

–  The interest and support from many friends of Ebenezer

Please pray for:

– Rich blessings and peace upon our four new residents, as they make themselves at home

– A new van to transport our residents and workers (especially in emergency times)

– Allowing volunteers to enter the country