Equipping and Discipling Arab Believers in Israel


It may not come to you as a surprise that only less than 2% of Israel’s population identify as believers in Jesus. But did you know that majority of that small percentage are Arab Christians? 

Arab Believers in Israel

When you visit Israel and meet her people, you will surely notice one beautiful thing about this nation: they are diverse. The modern state of Israel was established some 70+ years ago. This means they are a distinct mix of sabras (native-born Israelis), immigrants and local communities.

Although majority of the Arab population in this land is Muslim, there is a minority among them that remains strong in their Christian identity. We are continually inspired by the authenticity, humility, and faithfulness of the Israeli Arab Christians!

At FIRM, part of our mission is to equip local believers to spread the good news in their communities. We want every tribe and tongue to know the unconditional love of Jesus! But the vast majority of Arab Israelis do not speak Hebrew and only use Arabic at work, school and in their daily lives.

Investing in Christian Disciples

Arabic is Israel’s second official language. There is a massive need to translate discipleship materials into Arabic for the sake of the Gospel. For more effective leadership training among the significant Arab population in Israel, we need resources in their language!

Through houses of prayer, business conferences, women’s ministry, and discipleship, Arab believers in Israel receive superb training in ministry. In result, they then empower those in their spheres of influence to become Kingdom-minded followers of Jesus. And they are hungry for more!

Israel has top quality discipleship materials already available, but majority of them are in Hebrew. FIRM Member Ministries are already in the process of translating them into Arabic, in order to attain greater reach for the sake of the Gospel.

Will you join us as we help translate truth into Arabic?

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Jesus // John 8:32

This article originally appeared on FIRM, December 14, 2020, and reposted with permission.