Eternal Appointments

As Jews, we prepare to enter into Shavuot/Pentecost. As we near the completion of “Counting the Omer,” the season when the Israelites were wandering around in the wilderness, on their way to Mt. Sinai, learning that God would provide for all their needs, we also wait in eager anticipation for our Father to be more fully revealed, to fulfill even more richly all our needs. We seek a greater understanding of His Ways.

As believers in Yeshua, during the exact same Hebrew dates, we prepare to enter into Pentecost, waiting with the disciples, in the Upper Room, for power to descend upon us from on high, groaning for an ever greater anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Unbeknownst to the Israelites, God had been preparing them to receive their Mt. Sinai covenant, establishing them as His Kingdom on earth, His peculiar, set-apart people. He had been teaching them to lean upon Him, to trust Him, for every single one of their needs, showing them that He was faithful to provide for them.

Unbeknownst to the Disciples, God had been preparing them to receive their Mt. Zion covenant with the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit, establishing them as His Kingdom on earth, His Son’s body, the One New Man, teaching them to move out into the world with extraordinary miracles, signs and wonders.

Neither group could have imagined their mountain-top transformations.

Neither can we. We cannot imagine what is about to happen. No amount of words, no amount of theological discussion, nothing on earth can prepare us for the soon and very soon, coming encounter with our Living God, our LORD and Savior. His mystery will remain a mystery until it unfolds before us.

We are being prepared and we can trust God for that. Like Moses. He was prepared, because he learned to trust God, through the Ten Plagues, the Passover, the difficulties of leadership. He became the humblest, the most powerful person on earth. He learned to choose abject surrender, and his authority could not be questioned. His faith was rock solid, literally. He expected water to come out of rocks, if God said so. The disciples were prepared, because they finally believed on the One God had sent. (John 6:29) They waited, in faith, for power to come upon them from on high, wondering what it might mean to have more power than Yeshua, because He had said they would. They believed Him.

I believe that much of our preparation is faith. Uncommon, unparalleled faith. No matter what happens, faith. In the midst of the current chaos, faith. Faith for the Bridal chamber doors to open. Faith to be about our Father’s business. Faith to tell the world about Yeshua’s Good News. Faith to Be. To just be. Listening. Obedient. Sensitive. Watchful. Submissive to God. Trusting. Confident in our King. Productive. Creative. Alive. Being. Just being.

Two paradigms of faith and faithfulness emerge for me.  The first concerns the brides, in Matthew 25, who fell asleep waiting for their Bridegroom to arrive. They slept in faith, prepared, knowing their Beloved would come for them. The timing was His, so they could just relax and wait. Since they were submitted to His timing, to His desires, since they were prepared and ready, they could dream in joyful anticipation of coming delights and glory.

The second concerns the disciples who fell asleep, at Gethsemane, right before the Crucifixion. They should have stayed awake, but their faithfulness was not sufficient to overcome their flesh. How many times do we sleep when we should stay awake with our King? How many times do we act like the Beloved, in the Song of Solomon, who doesn’t want to get out of bed? Oh LORD, help us stay awake with You when You want to talk and pray!

May we have enough internal peace to rest and sleep during this coming season. May we have enough resilience and guts, love and loyalty, to stay awake, participating with our King throughout the coming ordeal. May we rest and war, dream and contend, with Him whom we love during this coming glorious manifestation of His Victory. Amen and amen.

A blessed Shavuot to all of you!