Exciting Times for the Body of Messiah in Israel

It is a New Year and in many ways a new life. We are approaching 6 months since I was diagnosed with brain cancer. We praise God that the last MRI scan showed no cancer in my brain. Please keep standing with us declaring that the works of the enemy have been destroyed in my body and that it will not return. The next MRI scan is February 17th. Join us in prayer for another great test result.

As I mentioned in the opening sentence, there are so many things that are new and exciting in our lives. One of them has been the growth of faith regarding the power of God in the lives of believers. We are praying for the sick in a new way as we grow in our understanding of God’s desire to heal. We have committed ourselves to praying whenever we see someone in need and this has happened every time we have gone to the hospital for an appointment.

Praying over the Sick for Healing

There was Rosetta who is suffering from the same cancer that I had. We shared our faith in Yeshua with her and requested to pray for her. She is a Christian Arab and was overjoyed to have us lay hands on her. While waiting in our doctor’s private waiting room these last two times, we met a different Israeli couple each time. In both cases the wife was suffering from brain cancer. In both instances we shared our faith in Yeshua with these Jewish Israelis. After speaking with them for a few minutes, we asked permission to pray. Each one said “yes of course” with much enthusiasm and gratitude. We laid our hands on these two women and declared boldly the healing power of Yeshua. And we continue to pray for them on a daily basis as well as so many others whom we know personally who are battling cancer and other illnesses.

Sharing about Yeshua
Sharing about Yeshua

There are also many opportunities for us to share our faith with those who do not yet know Him. Doctors, nurses, social workers, technicians and many others have sat and listened to the testimony of our lives and faith in Yeshua. We praise God for the seeds that are being planted as we allow His power and life to shine forth from us.

We believe so strongly that God is on the move here in Jerusalem and that it is time to see the supernatural manifest in a greater way. Please join us in praying for an end time healing revival in this city of the great King. Pray that our congregation would hunger to see an explosion of Holy Spirit power during our weekly meetings. Pray that the unsaved would be drawn to the congregation and to Yeshua as His power is demonstrated in healing and deliverance in their lives.

Rejoicing before the Lord
Rejoicing before the Lord

Congregation Ahavat Yeshua

Our congregation is flourishing as the name of Yeshua is being proclaimed in Jerusalem. We are blessed to have so many people from the nations and especially those who have recently made aliyah. To meet the needs of this growing population, we are working towards instituting a policy of translation, which is a radical change for our congregation. This is a far more complex issue than appears on the surface so please pray for the leadership team to have great wisdom as we endeavor to find the best solution for everyone.

We have started two new home meetings and will be starting a third in the near future. The development of personal relationships between people is a vital aspect of congregational growth. As we surpass 150 people, we know that the midweek small meetings are necessary for the health of Ahavat Yeshua. Please pray for the younger leaders that are taking responsibility for these meetings and that the number of groups would also continue to grow.


Finally, we want to celebrate with you the large increase of European Jews who are moving to Israel. As the anti-Semitism grows in Europe, there are nearly 10,000 European Jews (8,000 from France) that have moved to Israel over the past year. Please pray that more would come as we know that God calling all the Jews to come home to their Land. Pray that we would see increase in North American Jews making aliyah to Israel. The time is now!

These are truly exciting times for the Body of Messiah in Israel and God’s people throughout the earth. The power of his resurrection is being manifest in an every greater way. The sick are being healed, the Gospel is being shared, the local Body is growing in His love and power and Jews from throughout the earth are returning home to Israel.

This is the day that the Lord has made and we are rejoicing that he has given us the privilege of being alive in this incredible end time moment. We praise Him for all that he has already done and the amazing future that stands before us. And we rejoice that we are joined with you as we labor together to see God’s heart and desire manifest throughout the earth in this day.

This article originally appeared on Tikkun Ministries International, January 15, 2016.