Failing to prepare is preparation to fail


Last week I wrote about the spiritual war that is raging around us. This week I will focus on preparing for life in a world that is rapidly moving into what the Bible calls ‘the End Times’ or ‘the End of the Age.’ Just incase anyone is thinking “here goes David on his “End Time hobby horse again” …. you are correct, but I believe the Lord is in it.

As soon as I became a Believer in 1987, I was introduced to the End Times by the ministry of a New Zealand evangelist, the late Barry Smith. Evangelism flowed in Barry’s blood, and he used evidence he found in the media to proves to those in the meetings that we truly were living in the End Times, as a motivation to give their lives back to GOD, and find safety and the promise of Eternity in the Kingdom of YHVH. Barry’s method of reaching people worked, and he was able to lead thousands of souls into the Kingdom.

Like Barry I also have the calling to be an evangelist and I have a zeal to see people finding their GOD and Messiah – the Jewish people first and also the Gentiles. (Romans 1:16). So from the time I encountered the information about the End Time plans of Satan, as he worked through the Illuminati and New World Order groups, I felt the Holy Spirit was leading me to follow in Barry’s footsteps, and I gleaned information from his ministry for many years. Sadly Barry entered the Glory some years ago now, and I was speaking in a meeting in Malaysia when I heard that he had passed away, I asked the people in the meeting to pray over me, that the LORD would pass some of Barry’s anointing on to me.

I also believe that the LORD has called me to teach the Church the Biblical truth about Israel, but that is not a problem as the two subjects fit together perfectly. Truth is that you cannot separate Israel and the End Times.At the rapidly approaching close of the End Times, Yeshua will return to rule the World from a rebuilt Temple on the Temple Mount in the heart of Jerusalem, the undivided capital city ofIsrael.

With the information and knowledge that I have gathered over the last 30 years, I am convinced that we are seeing everything that Barry Smith preached about, coming to pass in our time, and since the time that Covid-19 came on the world scene in early 2020, I have seen a dramatic acceleration in the fulfillment of the prophecies that speak about the End of the Age.What we used to call The New World Order is now called The Great Reset and it is the creation of Klaus Schwabb. You may have heard about the World Economic Forum which organises an annual conference usually held at Davos in Switzerland and is attended by the ‘who’s who’ of the most wealthy, powerful and influential people from almost every nation – royalty, politicians, business people and celebraties from the world of entertainment. I used to think that the WEF was some kind of official government organisation, but it turns out to be created and controlled by Klaus Scwabb.

Please do not think that what I have written above is in the category of Conspiracy Theories – it is a Conspiracy Fact – I will post some relevant links at the end of this comment. Klaus Schwabb has publicaly stated on video that he is working to Reset the world to be a world where “no-one owns anything and everyone will be happy.” Population decrease is also one of the goals of the WEF and I saw and heard Scwabb say that another one of his goals is to enable humans to interface with the Internet by a WiFi implant in their brains. One of the advantages of that he says is that when a person wants to learn a  new language, they will simply download it into their brain. Sounds far out? It is already here – Elon Musk, the brains behind the Tesla electric car company has already created a chip set that can be implanted into the brain, connecting that brain to the Internet. Military leaders are very interested in this technology as it will enable them to create hybrid super soldiers. Of course this kind of technology may have some great advantages, but at the same time it will be extremely dangerous in the hands of evil power-hungry lunatics, of which there are a growing number around these days, who have a vision to take the place of God. This is the spirit of Anti-Christ.

I will pose a few controversial questions and leave you to consider the answer. Could the Covid-19 pandemic and the unprecedented drive to vaccinate every person in the world, have anything to do with the Great Reset? Why does someone out there want ‘a shot in every arm?’ Could that evil someone be the one called the Devil in the Bible? (Matt 4:1 – 1 John 5:19)

As always, I have written this comment to fulfill my calling as a Messianic Jew to be a blessing and a light to the Nations. As the title of the comment implies, my intention is to encourage you to prepare for what I believe will befall us all in the near future. I sense we are very close to something big – maybe an Israel attack on Iran, which has the potential to disrupt life for many of us. We need to be prepared as best we can before that happens – not after. Remember …. Failing to Prepare is Preparation to Fail. We do not want to fail and we do not want to see any of our precious friends in the nations fail. We need to be prepared spiritually, emotionally, and practically. In my next comment (in 2 weeks) I will share my thoughts on how to prepare for the days ahead.

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This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries and is reposted with permission.