Family of Former Israel President Peres Summoned for Goodbyes

Family members have been summoned to the bedside of former president Shimon Peres to say goodbye after his condition took a turn for the worse on Tuesday, according to Hebrew and foreign media reports.

“Even Superman has biological limitations,” Prof. Moti Ravid,medical director of Hayeshua Bnei Brak Hospital and specialist in internal medicine told Walla! News. “Taking into account his age and medical condition, then there is no room to talk about the possibility that he came out of it. The estimates can vary from stabilizing the situation or deterioration another.”

Two weeks ago the 93 year old suffered a massive stroke and has been in serious condition every since. He has been sedated ever since then with reports of slight progress in his condition.

News of Peres’s stroke nevertheless rattled the country, which feared the imminent loss of the last surviving link to its founding fathers.

Peres immigrated to Israel from Poland before the nation’s founding. He went on to serve in government for seven decades including two terms as prime minister and a few terms each as foreign, defense and finance minister. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 for reaching an interim peace agreement with the Palestinians.