Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does kehila mean?

Kehila is a Hebrew word that means “community” or “congregation.” Most Messianic believers in Israel refer to a local congregation as a “kehila”, rather than as a church or a synagogue.

What is the Messianic community in Israel?

The Messianic community, also referred to as the Body of Messiah, in Israel is a community comprised of Jews, Arabs, and people from the nations, who believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah.

Who are the Messianic community in Israel?

Check out our searchable directory of Messianic congregations, ministries and businesses representing the Body of Messiah in Israel.

Why was Kehila News Israel started?

Kehila News Israel was started to help strengthen and unify the Messianic Community in Israel. Nearly all Messianic congregations and ministries in Israel are seeking to reach a similar market, namely the pro-Israel Christian community worldwide. Yet there is no media platform to help these organizations reach a larger Christian audience. As a result, information from the Messianic community reaches a smaller audience in comparison to the estimated millions of pro-Israel Christians worldwide who love Israel.

What are the goals of Kehila News Israel?
  • To lift up the name of Yeshua (Jesus)
  • To provide a neutral platform for the multiple voices of the Messianic community in Israel to be heard around the world
  • To present the Messianic community in Israel as a body through its many parts (1 Cor 12:12)
  • To symbolically unify the various streams of the Messianic/Christian community in Israel, both Jewish and Arab, by appearing online on the same website
  • To make it easy for our friends around the world to connect with congregations, ministries, and businesses in Israel
Does Kehila News Israel post updates on Facebook and Twitter?

Yes, we post updates on our Facebook page and Twitter page. Please ‘like’ or ‘follow’ us.

Is every article or video on Kehila News Israel by an Israeli believer?

No, we have guest contributors who may live outside of Israel, but the vast majority of our authors are Israeli believers in Yeshua. Additionally, we sometimes link to articles in mainstream media sources when the content relates to Messianic Jews or Christians or we feel it is relevant to our readers.

Who are the Kehila News Israel writers?

Our writers are from the community. We do not have a paid staff of writers. You too can apply to be writer and contribute content to Kehila News Israel.

Is Kehila News Israel in multiple languages?

Yes, Kehila News Israel is currently in English and Hebrew. We plan to add Russian and more languages in the future.

Does all the content on Kehila News Israel reflect the views of the Kehila News Israel staff?

No. Kehila News Israel is a community website that includes varying viewpoints, some of which may or may not be a reflection of the Kehila News Israel staff.

Why does Kehila News Israel allow content that may not reflect its views?

The Messianic Community in Israel consists of many streams. To truly be a community website, we must include varying voices or streams within the community, not just one stream.

When was Kehila News Israel founded?
  • 2006 – launched as a private inter-congregational bulletin board
  • 2012 – launched with an organizational directory and newsfeed of aggregated links
  • 2015 – launched as on online community newspaper for the Body of Messiah in Israel