Fiction series about the need for American Jews to make aliyah

The Old City of Jerusalem at night. (Image from cover of Faith Honorof's "The Long Night's Journey")

My wife Faith Christine Honorof has written four fiction books since 2013, all directed by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of the Jews to make Aliyah now. Her books are quite excellent, in fact I cried when I first read her first book, called, ‘The Long Night’s Journey!’

Below is a description of the books in her own words.

The Escape Series:

In the fall of 2013 I began to write a book titled: The Long Night’s Journey, and Escape from America. This book came about after the Lord began to download in me the desperate need for the Jews in America to make aliyah to Israel.

This book is a fiction novel, based on true life events (including the story of my step-mother, who escaped from Nazi Czechoslovakia) of men and women who escaped the Holocaust of the 1930s and 40s and made it safely to Israel and to America. Follow Shimon Cohen and his family as they try to escape the Nazi Holocaust that has gripped Europe in the 1940s. And in later years follow his children and his grand children as they find they must now escape a dictatorial, anti-Semitic America.

I was not aware when writing this first novel that it would become the “Escape Series,” which now includes three other books (fiction novels) that center on the need for the Jewish people to make aliyah from America, and also the persecution of Bible-believing Christians, will provide refuge for their Jewish friends. The 2nd book, End Time America: A Time to Stand and a Time to Flee, reveals how a great tragedy has struck America. The economy is in shambles, and the Jewish people become a convenient scapegoat, and the rise of anti-Semitism becomes a nightmare for them. How will they escape to their ancient homeland of Israel?

The 3rd book in the Escape Series, called Coming Home: the Brave Heart Generation continues the escape saga. The continued rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and America and the release of the hunters makes for a desperate time as the Jews escape to Israel.

The 4th book is titled The Pilot: The Grand Escape. Follow Samuel Cohen and his friend in their escape from a Nazi slave camp and their daring adventure in a home-made plane, as they rescue the Jews from Nazi occupied France. And in later years will Yonnie and then his son, Tal, continue the pilot legacy as Israel’s top gun pilots for the Israel Air force?Will they succeed in taking out the Iran nuclear facility? And what will America’s role be in this need for Israel to eliminate Iran’s nuclear missile armaments?

These books were written as a testimony to the Living God, Yeshua, and as a warning to the Jewish people that it is time to come home to Israel. If you are interested in more information on my books and how you might purchase them, you can connect with me at My books are currently sold at a retail price of 50 NIS, prepaid only by cash or check, with free freight on orders shipped within Israel.

Much blessing,

Faith Christine Honorof
P.O. Box 32128, Jerusalem
Israel  91320

These books have been popular selling items for the last few years at the Christ Church Emmanuel Bookshop in Jerusalem.