First Annual Israeli Worshiper’s Meeting

The first annual Israeli Worshiper’s meeting will take place this month between January 30th and 31st in Beit Yedidia, Haifa.

On the website, the event is described as an opportunity to get to “fellowship together, encourage one another and be built up for what God has called us to do through worship in this land.” It is the first Round-Table meeting of this kind in Israel.

The event is organized by King of Kings ministries and Ascend Worship. It is intended to put worship teams together, not only worship leaders. The goal is to create connections and enable the people to learn from one another.

“I believe with all my heart that we are all here to serve as one body,” says organizer Birgitta Veksler. “We want to see the worshipers come together and serve one another. We wish them to listen to one another and help one another.”

The meeting includes an overnight at Beit Yedidia, to give them a chance to get to know one another. There will be teachings on different topics. “First, we will teach about unity,” says Veksler. “We want them to understand why it’s important that we are together in unity. We also want to talk about the ‘Heart of Worship,’ and what it means to sit at Yeshua’s feet together.”

However, the meeting will not only be about the spiritual side of worship. Veksler points out that this meeting will also include technical and practical details. “That’s why entire worship teams are invited, so we can have a bigger dynamic and learn about all different aspects of worship,” Veksler says. “We want them to hear about one another’s challenges and learn from one another. We hope this can become an annual event, so we can all learn how to serve our congregations in better ways.”

Fifty people have already signed up for the event. It costs 220 shekels and includes meals and overnight. There is an early bird discount of 150 shekels.

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