“Flowers Will Fade”; New music video from up and coming Galilee worship team

Lightwaves Worship, located near the western shores of the Galilee, has released their first music video; “Flowers will Fade.” The original song was written by husband and wife team, Moshe and Carrie Malespin. The Malespins started Lightwaves Worship just one year ago in their home near Tiberias, Israel. 

“This is a personal song,” Carrie said, “It reflects where we came from in our music to where G-d wants us.” The couple had previously done both worship and secular music, but felt G-d calling them to solely focus on worship as it mattered more for eternity. 

Carrie and Moshe met a little more than 8 years ago and even then music and worship was the center of their lives. Carrie came from Germany to study music in Tel Aviv. While playing on the beach one day a friend noticed there were other people playing worship music nearby. Introductions were made and Carrie and Moshe began their relationship. Moshe had already been in Israel for many years with his family. 

The couple is working on their first album together, which they describe as indie-style worship. They are only one year in, but are excited to see what G-d brings their way for the growth of their music.

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Karen Royel
Karen is a wife and mother living in the Golan Heights. She began her interest in news and media in high school and interned for multiple television and radio arts companies in NYC. She later went on to work for a radio arts company in Dallas, TX. After hearing G-d calling to come to Israel, she left the media world. She met her husband in Jerusalem and the two have a vision of growing their family, living out their faith in Yeshua and fully integrating into Israeli society as Messianic Jews.