Following God’s Call from the Netherlands to the Negev

Originally from the Netherlands, Arthur du Mosch had studied agriculture and decided to go to a desert country, as he had read two articles by Michael Evenari who invited him to come to his experimental farm at Avdat in the Negev Desert in southern Israel. During his visit, God spoke to Arthur and told him to stay.

His initial argument to God was that he wasn’t Jewish, and what would he do here? Yet he received the distinct impression that there was a special task he was to do, and that God would show him the way!

A year later, he met his wife who is from Haifa, while they were studying at the Desert Research Institute. It was through this union that Arthur was able to receive citizenship.

The couple has four children, three natural and one baby girl, who was adopted from Siberia.

Several years ago his wife felt impressed to go to the synagogue and pray during Yom Kippur. During the prayers, she had a vision of a baby girl coming towards her with her arms outstretched. It was then that she remembered that she had originally wanted three children and to give another child who needed one, a home. This was the child, and they did, indeed, adopt her. She is, according to Arthur, doing very well.

arthurleopardArthur had studied animal behavior and one evening, while asleep, he heard his dog barking! It seemed as though a leopard had entered their home, and was intent on eating the cat! With his bare hands, Arthur held off the leopard by grabbing it by the scruff of its neck, and holding it down with one leg, until the animal authorities could come and take it away. It took 20 minutes for the Rangers to arrive, and another 20 before they were able to get it into a trash can which had holes hastily drilled in it, so the poor beast could breathe. It seems that this leopard was sickly, and this is why it hunted small animals. This sparked Arthur’s interest in improving the welfare of the leopard population in the Negev.

In 1991, Arthur became a tour guide and he specializes in tours of the Negev. He loves Israel, and he wants to share that love with others. He has guided pilgrim tours around Mitpe Ramon, bird watchers, hiking tours in the Sinai, tours organized by the Jewish National Fund and American and Canadian Jewish kids, jeep tours and horse trail rides.

He loves guiding and sharing the prophecies of the Bible and how they are being fulfilled today.

Four years ago, in Arthur became involved, in what seems to be a natural evolution, with the EAGALA Organization, which uses horses in the psychotherapeutic process. Of profound interest to him is, “How does one change?” “How does one build teams?”

Using horses to facilitate mental health is a proven concept that works! As people see that when they change, the behavior of the horse also changes, they are empowered to make lasting changes in their own lives. The horse reflects, as it were, their own insecurities and weaknesses. Arthur says that abused women and those with other problems have made significant and lasting changes. It is a journey, as he says, of self discovery!

Arthur specializes in PTSD and wants to work with soldiers and the drug addicted. He remembers his own military service, and says, “In our weakness, we are strong. As we get strengthened, we can help others.” Not surprisingly, he owns two horses, himself.

In addition to his already busy life, Arthur is the initiator and an elder in a Messianic Congregation in Sde Boker. The man who studied animal behavior and desert regions in the Netherlands, has made a life by contributing in Israel, in many and varied ways!

Arthur may be contacted via his website or at