Foundational prayer room

While traveling on a large bus, there were blinds drawn on the front window so no one could see where we were going. I wondered if the driver had a special way to see through the blinds but at one point he stood up and peeked through the blinds! It was pouring down rain like never before. But we were safe on the bus, just a little in the dark, not knowing what would come next.
Deborah was there asking questions. Then I was in my bathroom of the my childhood house in Illinois; it was clean and white. There were people outside listening to a man speaking. I couldn’t hear what he was saying so I moved in closer. Many of the people were believers from Texas.
There was an apparatus that you wrapped ribbons on; I tried to use it but couldn’t figure out how it worked.
Then I heard the L-rd asking me if I wanted to see a new room. I said yes, so He led me to a place I’d never been. It’s a foundational place where prayers that are prayed get answered. I saw how the walls slanted down along the sides like it would do on a room in the rooftop although I knew we were under the ground! The sides were in the dark so I asked the L-rd why and He brought me to a side area. It looked like a morgue with drawers that roll out but when He rolled a drawer out, there were no dead bodies inside. And He said these are the deepest, darkest recesses of the mind that hold people back from realizing their callings. But when these drawers are rolled out and exposed to the light in the foundational room, they disappear! I was thinking how close and yet so far – the morgue is right next to the prayer house so why don’t we open those drawers and expose our darkest secrets to the Light?!
It’s like we treasure our fears and want to keep them hidden and “safe” but instead, part of each of us lives in a morgue!
I lingered in the foundational prayer room knowing full well that this would be my place more and more in the coming days. Thank You, L-rd!