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Fragile Ceasefire Brings Calm to Israel’s South

Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror militia appeared to have reached a cease-fire agreement early Thursday morning, although there was a barrage of five rockets a few hours after the initial announcement underlining the fragility of the situation. IDF Spokesman Brig.Gen. Hidai Zilberman declared that Israel had achieved a great deal of operational success during the 50 hours of fighting, as “The purpose of the operation was to improve the security situation in the south by weakening the PIJ and the continued promotion the stabilization process. In this operation, we struck a heavy blow to PIJ’s operational capabilities.”

However, he added, “we used only a little of the IDF capabilities – PIJ is not Hamas, nor Hezbollah nor Iran.”

“We are at high readiness and preparedness on all fronts, not only in Gaza. We are facing a significant challenge against Iranian activity in a variety of arenas and not only in Syria.”

“The new rules of the game are clear: the IDF will operate with complete freedom of action, with no restrictions,” Defense Minister Naftali Bennett added during his own remarks. “At this point, it’s not over yet. Only the acts in the field will determine the end.”

Here are some videos pertaining to the recent conflict

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