From Questions to Prayer: The Political Stalemate in Israel

Rivlin, Netanyahu, Gantz meet September 27, 2019
Blue and White leader Benny Gantz (L), President Reuven Rivlin (C) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) meet at the President's Residence in Jerusalem on September 25, 2019 (Amos Ben Gershom/GPO)

As I was praying one morning, the LORD asked me a question, “Do you really understand the issue that is at stake between Netanyahu and Gantz? You have been asking me for unity between them, but have you really considered what you are asking? Take another look at it.”  His challenge brought the following questions to my mind. 

Why does Netayahu believe his allegiance to the Orthodox is more important than working with Gantz, which would form a majority government? Why does Gantz refuse to partner with the Orthodox at all? Why is Netanyahu willing to hold into his allegiance to the Orthodox, even if it means committing political suicide? Why are both Gantz and Netanyahu trying to cobble together a government of minorities, which most of the country doesn’t want, rather than committing to work together, which most of the country does want?

Both are military strategists, so that’s not the major problem.

Both want a strong Israel, so that’s not the major problem.

Both are proud, so that is a problem.

Both think they are right, and that’s a problem.

But primarily, Gantz is more secular and Netanyahu is more orthodox, and neither will compromise on their core spiritual/religious values. Thus Israel is in the middle of a “religious” political war. 

So what is causing Netanyahu to maintain his loyalty to the Orthodox community at so high a cost? What means more to him than being Prime Minister? That is hard to imagine.

Perhaps he is simply loyal, and keeping his word to his constituency is very important to him.  

Perhaps he is taking a long view and looking into the future when he might again need the support of the orthodox.

Perhaps he is ideologically more connected with them than we realize. 

Or perhaps Netanyahu believes that the prayers of the Orthodox are crucial to his success and Israel’s viability as a nation.

Let me explain.  

I saw a documentary, some months ago, in which a 14-year-old Orthodox boy was asked why the Orthodox don’t fight in Israel’s army. He said something like this, “We protect Israel through prayer.  It is our belief that our prayers, the prayers of those who are faithful to God, keep Israel safe.  Praying is our military duty. Without our prayers, how could God continue to protect His People?” 

Many of the Orthodox believe they are like the faithful remnant. Amongst them stand the righteous ones on the earth. It is their duty to protect Israel from the wrath of God and to preserve God’s goodness on earth.  

So … is it possible that Netanyahu believes that his relationship with the Orthodox, as they pray for Israel, keeps Israel safe?  Does he believe the Orthodox prayers are a weapon promoting Israel’s safety, as much, or even more, than he believes in Israel’s military prowess?  Does his allegiance to the Orthodox come from his belief that God is more important to the well-being of Israel than anything else?

Our political stalemate takes on a new dimension with these thoughts. On the negative side, if Gantz wins and Israel gains a secular government, what will happen to our nation? What will happen to the way we honor Shabbat, our holy days, etc? If we become a secular nation, like all the other nations, how will God respond to us? On the positive side, if Gantz wins and the Orthodox are no longer controlling immigration, will Messianic Jews be able immigrate to Israel, to make aliyah, without restriction, and how will God respond to that?

But if Netanyahu wins, and the Orthodox remain in power, will they continue to fight against the Messianic movement?  And on the positive side, will they fight to keep Shabbat holy and the holy days holy, and will they fight to maintain Israel’s uniqueness, as they see it, as a country set apart for YHVH, and how will God respond to all of that? 

Where should we, as believers in Yeshua, stand on this?  What should we be praying? We also believe that we are the faithful remnant. We also believe our prayers help protect Israel and the world.  We also believe God listens to us, and responds to us. We also believe our loyalty to Him is important and that our obedience to Him matters greatly.  We also believe He loves us deeply. Our prayers matter greatly.

Here is my prayer.  What is yours? Please write to us and let us know, if you would like to do that.

Dear Yeshua,\

This is a perfect storm, and You are the only One who can calm it.  We need Your Revelation.  We need Your Truth.  We need Your Righteousness.  We need Your Love and Acceptance.  We need Your Presence.  Come, Lord Yeshua, COME! 

Iran and its cohorts threaten us externally.  

Internally, we are split. 

We have come to the end of our not-yet-believing-in-You road. 

We need Your Help!  

Please transform our minds so that we can receive Your Wisdom and Your Righteousness, Your Love and Your Mercy, Your Grace and Your Discipline, Your Truth and Your Forgiveness.  Help us to see beyond ourselves and see You!  We need the full depths of Your Revelation to dawn in our midsts, to bring us home to Your Salvation.  We need YOU!  We need You Now!  

Come, Yeshua, Come! 

Come, Mashiach, COME!  


Praise You, LORD GOD, for Your Faithfulness!

Thank You for Your Shalom, Your Profound Love and Your Presence.

We await Your Glory in a way we cannot imagine.

Amen and amen.