From Yad Aman to Israel’s prime time

Yad Aman is a place that provides an opportunity for young Messianic artists to take their first steps on the stage. In the past year there was at least one artist who after performing on our stage made it on to one of the most watched TV shows in Israel, The Next Star. She was able to perform in front of thousands of people on the largest Israeli TV channel.
It all began with a vision of one of Tiferet Yeshua congregational leaders, Ron Cantor. His idea was that once a month we would invite young people to come and meet at Tiferet Yeshua’s building. Thursday night was the best option, as it is the night that most young Israelis head “out on the town”. Managed by David Trubek, one of the congregational elders, Yad Aman has a small stage and good vibes. In this environment, we would provide a place for new artists to present their music before a live audience. Of the dozens who come to these events, some are believers and some not. They join us for good music, coffee and light refreshments.
Tiferet Yeshua is in a prime location at the center of Tel Aviv, near bus stops as well as the train station. In this way people who want to come from farther away can easily come. We have hosted many young artists, who were given their first opportunity to publicly express their musical gifts at Yad Aman.
Our belief is that many of them will lead worship in congregations and will continue to write original music glorifying our Lord. In spite of the fact that Tel Aviv offers many places for non-believers to hang out, we are delighted to see so many choosing to come to Yad Aman.
Through this anointed project, we are exposed to the many and varied talents in the local Israeli body of Messiah. It is incredible that though we are demographically a small segment of society, we have a surprisingly high percentage of musical talent.
One year ago, a young believer name Tslil Goldman came to perform at Yad Aman. Everyone who was at her show immediately recognized the great talent she has. She has a unique and sweet voice. When she worships the Lord, it feels as if the worship of heaven is uniting with earth. Tslil is also part of Tiferet Yeshua’s worship team.
With her God-given talent, Tslil was able to get onto the TV show The Next Star. This is one of the most watched TV shows in Israel. She came with family and friends, and of course, they had the opportunity to speak about their faith in Yeshua. It was incredible to join the Israeli audience as Tslil’s singing was presented on the TV screen. Even more wonderful was to hear the name of Yeshua declared on prime time TV!
The next time Tslil performed was at Yad Aman. This time, following her participation in the show, many came out especially to see her. Believers and non-believers all came to hear the beautiful sound of her voice and to marvel at the gift, which God granted her.
Thank God that He uses our gifting for His glory.
This article originally appeared on Tiferet Yeshua, February 21, 2018, and reposted with permission.