G-d affirms life – A clear statement against abortion from the parasha

Our parasha portion for today deals almost 100% with offerings. As we study the book of VaYikra, we learn that cows, bulls, oxen, sheep, goats, doves and grains could be offered as offerings to G-d. But never did God ever look kindly on human sacrifices, esp. not babies. He never asked people to sacrifice their children, did He? That would be very much against who G-d is. G-d affirms life; He created all life. There was in the ancient Middle East an idol called molok that the Torah tells us about. Unfortunately our ancestors took part in the ritual sacrifice of little children to this demon idol. Torah speaks harshly about such an evil:

Don’t stand idly by the blood of your brother. I am Adonai. Lev.18.16

Another translation of that verse states: Don’t do anything that would put your neighbor’s life in danger. I am Adonai.

It is also written: You must not give any of your children in the fire to molek. If you do this, you will show that you don’t respect the name of your God. I am Adonai. Lev.18.21

I can’t help to think that today, we in Israel allow child sacrifice, just like we are giving them in murderous fire to molek…today we don’t do this to a known idol, but to unknown ones. We have idols like ‘doing what is easy instead of doing what is right’; like the idol of ‘I’ll do what I want, no one is going to tell me what to do’, or ‘my body is mine to do with it what I please’; or ‘I’m single, I can’t raise a baby on my own’ or ‘I’m too poor to pay for a baby’. Or we sacrifice on the altar of selfishness, which says ‘I want to make a career, I don’t have room or time for a baby’. Or we say, ‘I believe in a woman’s political right to end her unborn baby’s life’.

In our nation, we mourn the murders of 1.5 million Jewish children in the Shoah. And we should. Every year as a country we dedicate an entire day to remembering those children who were murdered by the idolatrous Nazis. Yet since the founding of our state, over 1.5 million Jewish babies have been killed pre-birth. We don’t mourn that. Not in the least. We don’t think much about it. We go on with our lives, satisfied with our right to choose to abort or not. 20% of pregnancies in our nation end up in abortion. 20%! That should be a shocking number to all of us.

The Shoah resulted in the elimination of Jewish life. So do our abortion practices in the Land. Let me ask a question, since it’s before Pesah, and as you know, Pesah is the time for questions about the Pesah offering. “What is the difference between what Yosef Mengele did at Auschwitz, and what we are doing today to our own children?” This is such an unthinkable, vulgar, horrible, despicable question to ever have to ask. I shudder to ask it and hate to ask it…but I must. My insides rumble as I ask it. But I have to ask this… to you, to me, to all of us here in the Land. What are we doing to our own children? To our own future? Aren’t we joining in with the wishes of Mengele? Which parent who lost a child during the Shoah would be happy with what we are doing via abortion today? Many of them ran, they hid, they hid their children with relative, with gentiles, in monasteries and convents, anywhere they could to save Jewish life, in frantic action. They fought back, they did what they could to save their children from hitler. But today? We take part in negating their actions by killing our own Jewish babies. What kind of vulgarity is this?

I had friends when I was growing up who had abortions. All of them told me that they later had great regrets that they ever did that. We have no way to measure how much damage is done emotionally to the pregnant woman who was pressured into the decision. So there’s a whole other world of hurt: the mothers who aborted their babies. Perhaps a million mothers in Israel’s history have suffered horrible damage to themselves due to their choices.

What do we do? It is so so easy to close our eyes to this hidden crime and go on living as if this wasn’t a problem. That’s what our religious citizens in this nation do. They believe in what is written in Torah… Torah affirms life. Why are they not screaming out against this situation? They don’t, as a whole. We Messianic Jews believe in what is written in the Torah…Torah affirms life. Why do we not scream out against this situation? Some of us do. But what is troubling is that some of us don’t.

I’m not saying this to fill you full of guilt to motivate you to do something. Any guilt or shame I could put on you is of no value. It is worthless in every way. But let G-d take my words and speak to you. Let Him show you what you should do. For surely He affirms life in Israel, not death. Abortion is all about ending life. G-d is all about giving life.