Global prayer summit against coronavirus to be led from Israel

Christian and Messianic leaders from the believing community in Israel will be joining in with other spiritual leaders from the United States, China and other nations for a global solemn assembly that will be live-streamed online to pray corporately against the coronavirus.

The broadcast will begin with sharing and praying from Israel, Succat Hallel founder Rick Ridings told Kehila News.   

“On March 19th, we believe the Lord is calling us to come together for a Global Solemn Assembly Online for a time of repentance, restoration and reformation,” Watchmen for the Nations wrote on their website. “This time of gathering will be facilitated by a growing number of key leaders from around the globe. Beginning in Israel, we will declare from Temple Mount, where the Lord has placed His Name forever, and release our unified voice and see his intervention during these extraordinary times.”

Those sharing and praying from Israel tomorrow include Rick and Patricia Ridings, Asher Intrater, Avi Mizrachi, Orel Mizrachi, Sarah Singerman, Norma Sarvis, Shilo Ben Hod and Kerry and Sandra Teplinsky.

Anyone can join the broadcast, but must register in advance. The call will take place at 2 p.m. Israel time.

Ridings told Kehila News that they participated in a previous call hosted by Watchman for the Nations in which 10,000 participants from 60 nations watched the broadcast, which was translated into six languages.

Much of the broadcast from Israel will take place at Succat Hallel which overlooks the Temple Mount. The event is closed to the public on site and can only be accessed online due to Israel’s Ministry of Health restrictions on public gatherings to stem the spread of coronavirus.

The solemn assembly comes in the midst of a 40-day global fast and a three-day Esther fast called separately by Lou Engle, starting March 18 to stan against the spread of the coronavirus.

“Though there is darkness all around, the Lord is causing the brightness of His glory to shine upon His Church and raise us up to be the light the nations are looking for (Isaiah 60:1-3),” Watchmen of the Nations said on their website. “As His sons and daughters, seated in the heavenly realms with The Prince of Peace, we are to take our place amidst the distress, and as intercessors, collaborate with God to see His divine purposes established in this critical time.”

“In 2 Chronicles 7, the Lord revealed to Israel His strategy for overcoming disasters. As the Church has sought the Lord in this time of global pandemic, we acknowledge the timelessness of this strategy, and the need to activate it in this hour. We believe that as we come together before the Lord and repent from our sins, He is faithful to hear our prayer and bring healing to all the earth.”

Ridings wrote recently about his take on the coronavirus.

“It was important not to give in to fear in the increasing shakings and chaos. To remember that it is the Lord who is in charge of the duration of shakings, and the ultimate purpose was the emergence of the Kingdom of God, that cannot be shaken, and the Harvest,” Ridings said.

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