[VIDEO] God is love

Lyrics and Music by Oxana Eliahu

My God, You always loved me
You gave me everything
You cared deeply, every day
So that I’d never fail
My hardest and my darkest times
You’ve been by my side.

In spite of all, in spite of all
I turned to my own way.

You never gave up on me
You made my battles yours
In every path that I walked
Your eye was on me
Abba, I rejected You,
I betrayed You

Your perfect love never failed
Your mercy only grew.

People told me you exist,

But I didn’t care

Self-absorbed and full of pride
I had no need of you

Your heart bled for me
But I didn’t see
No matter what I did
Your love pursued me

“I love you so very much”
You shouted from above
I couldn’t recognize your voice
I didn’t know Your love

“You’re so precious to me”
You whispered in my ear

In spite of all, in spite of all
I turned to my own way.

After all that I have done
You should have hated me
You could have abandoned me
And let me lose my soul.
My arrogance, my pride, my sins
You forgave them all!
You gave Your life for me
You gave it all

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Oxana Eliahu is a singer, worshiper, songwriter, composer and producer of 11 music Albums of praise and worship. She originally penned all her songs in Hebrew, and has also translated her melodies into English, Russian, and Spanish. For the last eight years Oxana and her husband, Boaz, have been traveling all over the United States, Canada, and Israel, sharing her powerful, encouraging testimony and singing her songs in four different languages.