God of Miracles – new album pre-order

I’m excited to present to you the new worship music project I’m working on: God of Miracles. You can partner with me to complete the project by supporting it and pre-ordering your copies today!

Follow the link above for special benefits and gift combinations when you sow into the project!

Since my last album, ‘A Pure Heart’, I have been engaged in a battle. A serious hearing injury left me unable to pursue my destiny in music. Walking through a wilderness of pain and brokenness, I found that the choice to continue worshiping God – whatever the cost – is a powerful one.

The songs on this album both in English and Hebrew are a declaration of God’s faithfulness despite insurmountable obstacles. He will never let you down. He calls the unseen into being. This album will be a true encouragement to anyone who has or is facing a challenge.

Just as God has restored fruitfulness in my life, He will do it for you. As He blesses and multiplies them, may these melodies be for you a door of hope, freedom, renewed joy and rising courage. With Him all things are possible.

Worship Wins The War.

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