God’s provision to the widow crosses cultural boundaries

“You will never need to ask for money, for I will take care of you.” This was the Lord’s promise to *Amira, a believing, Arab, widow from east Jerusalem. Her husband, who was an Israeli citizen, passed away before Amira could obtain her citizenship through their marriage. Their only child, however, was able to obtain citizenship at birth through the father.

Because Amira was left without status, no source of income, and no permit to work, she turned to the Lord and cried for help. He directed her to go to Israel’s National Insurance Institute, though she was without rights, and plead to enter and settle her husband’s debts he left behind. After persisting for many days, she was granted entry and explained her situation. She was heard, the debts were greatly reduced, and soon, she was receiving a monthly paycheck from the Israeli government to care for her needs as a widow.

Receiving monthly care from the Israeli government as an Arab without Israeli status was already the hand of God. But the Lord had much more in store for Amira. The residence she was living in was in her husband’s name and was only to be permitted to those who shared her husband’s beliefs which were different from her own. Never-the-less, the Lord made a way for Amira to remain in her home free of charge and even to have her name on the contract.

Amira continued to see God’s provision time and time again, having all areas of her needs being met by Him without needing to request help from anyone. Recently, a law was passed that every non Israeli citizen living within the west bank must have medical coverage. This is a good situation for all the non-citizens, however, a large, one-time payment needed to be made up front followed by a very minimal payment each month. Amira did not have the means to pay the large sum, nor did she have medical coverage. Through casual conversation in our regular meetings, the staff of CBN Israel learned of Amira’s need and sought out donations on her behalf to cover the payment.

More than what was needed to pay the bill in full was donated. When our staff phoned Amira to tell of what had been given for her, Amira began shaking and gasped, “I have no words to say!” She could hardly believe what she was hearing.

We met privately with Amira and gave her the check of the full donation that came in. Amira will now be able to receive medical coverage along with her daughter and be able to work towards caring for her physical health after waiting patiently for many years.

This article originally appeared on CBN Israel, May 23, 2017, and reposted with permission.

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