HaGefen Publishing unveils new tools for Bible students

HaEdut Bible app by HaGefen Publishing

HaGefen, the Israeli believer-owned and operated publishing company, recently developed a new app for mobile devices as well as eBooks designed to give users an enhanced educational experience and to encourage them to read and study the Bible.

“HaEdut (the Testimony) series is a linguistic adaptation of the Old Testament into Modern Hebrew,” the app description says. “This project is the fruit of a hard and prolonged work by the HaGefen Publishing team.”

Presented in accessible and understandable language, the app seeks to encourage Israeli youth to read the Bible.

The app is completely in Hebrew which David Zadok, director of HaGefen Publishing, said was designed to immerse Bible students in the language of the scriptures while also being user-friendly for native-Hebrew speakers and readers.

“Anyone can use it for their Bible study (believers or non-believers), children in school who have to read the Bible, but don’t always understand the Hebrew; students at schools, who get ready for their exams (bagruyot) or Hebrew speakers who want to get to know the Bible but have a hard time understanding the ancient text; Sabbath school teachers and youth leaders who want to make the texts of the Bible more applicable and accessible to the kids and youth as they teach them; teachers, home group leaders, pastors, as they want to simplify harder passages of the scriptures,” Zadok recently told Kehila News Israel.

“In the past HaGefen used to publish children and youth magazines, as well as books,” Zadok said. “In recent years we are publishing some of our books as eBooks and also developing the app in order to reach those who use their devices for reading and studying.”

The translation process from Masoretic text of the Old Testament into modern Hebrew suitable for youth started in the late 1990s, Zadok said. The first volume was published in 2000, and the most recent volume, the fifth, was completed in 2013.

The app provides “a literal and trustworthy verse-by-verse translation of the Masoretic text.” Users can also read the biblical text in parallel with English and Russian translations.

HaGefen recommends the app for Israeli high school students, foreigners studying Hebrew, new immigrants learning the language and for those who want to understand the Hebrew Bible better.

“HaGefen Publishing has been serving the body of Messiah since 1976, with the goal of providing the Messianic community with good books that can help it to grow in their faith and better understanding of the scriptures,” Zadok said.

The app is available in the AppStore and GooglePlay for free download and can be found by searching for HaEdut, or in Hebrew: העדות. HaEdut means the testimony in Hebrew.

The five printed volumes in the series and downloadable files can be purchased on HaGefen’s website. (www.ha-gefen.org.il/en/shop/)

More information can be found here: https://www.ha-gefen.org.il/en/projects/haedut-the-testimony/