Hanukkah offering – Free download of “Why Still Care About Israel”

As global anti-Semitism is rising – even among some Christian movements – it’s important to be equipped with reliable resources to combat it.

“Why Still Care About Israel” – one such valuable tool – seeks to turn hearts and minds in the international Body to align with God’s.

The author, Sandra Teplinsky, has updated and re-released the book, but now is providing it free, a special offering to encourage and strengthen all believers in understanding the truth about God’s chosen people, Israel, and His purposes for them.

The first half of the book offers a heart-to-heart, but theological explanation and defense of Israel. The second half presents a case for Israel from an historical, socio-political and legal perspective. Issues addressed include the occupation, settlements, BDS, alleged disproportionate use of military force, division of Jerusalem, Palestinian fulfillment theology, law fare and much more. Dr. Michael L. Brown wrote the foreword and the book is endorsed by several international Christian leaders, including some serving in Israel.

Click here to download and feel free to share with your friends and family.

Happy Hanukkah! May God’s light shine bright!