Heal Our Land – Invitation for livestream prayer time from Israel – March 3

Tree of Life Ministries and Be’ad Chaim (Pro-Life Israel) are inviting you to a global livestream called “Heal Our Land” hosted at Kehilat HaCarmel congregation in Haifa. It is a special time of prayer for the ending of abortion and for revival in Israel. The event will include worship, a review of the situation in Israel and God’s heart on the topic, testimonies, the first viewing of a new video, and of course – lots of prayer!

The event is a cooperation between Tree of Life Ministries, Be’ad Chaim, Kehilat HaCarmel in Haifa, and Global Watch. It will take place in the facilities of Kehilat HaCarmel, where Karen Davis will lead worship. You will also hear from Tony Sperandeo who is Pastor of Ma’ayan Congregation and Chairman of Be’ad Chaim; Sandy Shoshani, the Director of Be’ad Chaim; and Ariel Hyde, leader of Tree of Life Ministries.

“Over 2 million children have been killed by abortion since the birth of modern Israel in 1948, and over 100 children are killed every day,” Hyde told KNI. “We believe God takes the shedding of innocent blood seriously. When we look at the abomination that is occurring, we must act. The problem is that it happens silently, and we don’t hear about it. If we had heard in the news every day that ‘one hundred children were killed today,’ everyone would rise up against it. All believers in the world would pray and fast and do everything they could to stop it. We are horrified when we hear of a terror attack or a war, and ten people or five people died. We mourn when we hear it, and we should. Each life is so precious. How much more should abortions shock us? We need to expose it and bring it before the Lord in prayer, and act in any way he leads us to stop it.”

The event is also serving as a launching event to a massive advertising campaign that Tree of Life Ministries have initiated that will take off soon in Israel, aimed to spread the truth about abortions and helping Israeli men and women choose life and find forgiveness and healing in Yeshua. This is in addition to the newly started campaign, Zchutam, that Be’ad Chaim launched last month.

“We will launch this campaign with a new Hebrew website in the next few weeks with a few new videos we’ve made. We have both testimonies and informative videos,” Hyde told KNI. “In those videos we also bring the gospel to people that have been involved in abortions, telling them how they can get healing and forgiveness in Yeshua.”

On their website, Tree of Life Ministries writes about the upcoming testimonial videos: “When we’ve shared the basic facts about life in the womb with Israelis on the streets, they’ve often changed their minds and realized that abortion is killing. This weighty moral issue (and the guilt that some felt while speaking about it) has actually become an incredible opportunity to share about the grace and forgiveness found in the Gospel of Messiah.”

Tree of Life Ministries is the organization behind previous online evangelism initiatives that made waves in Israel, such as medabrim.org.il and thinkagain.life

The event will go live on Wednesday, March 3 at 15:00 Israeli time (8 AM Eastern) and can be accessed at the link http://www.youtube.com/c/TreeofLifeMinistriesIsrael/live