Healing Wonder: Update from Messianic Pastor Santoro

First of all, we want to thank everyone who has been praying and interceding on our behalf. I had the most recent MRI on February 17 and saw the doctor last week to get the results. He opened the computer, examined the MRI for a short moment that felt like “forever”, and then said it was “very good”, and even that there was “improvement” from the previous MRI two months ago. He said the area surrounding the original tumor was cancer free and healthy looking. Halleluyah!!!!

We are running a non-stop marathon, though, and not a sprint. We successfully ran two laps since the original surgery and now we are onto the third. The next MRI is in two months. Please join us in believing that it will only get better and declaring that this affliction will not return a second time. “By His stripes I am healed” and on this day; “I choose life!!!!”

As we have fought this good fight of faith for the past seven months, God in his redemptive mercy has done a deep work in us. We are understanding ever more clearly that He has also sent us out to heal the sick. (Matthew 10:8) And that healing is not dependent on us asking Him to do it. No!! We are filled with His spirit and we are called to touch others with His life and with His power that is already in us.It’s not about getting more. When we were saved and born again we received the fullness of His life. No, the challenge for us is not getting more of His power, but learning to appreciate what is already in us and applying it when we pray for those who are in need.

Healing Wonder

Our trip to the hospital on Wednesday turned out to be a real joy. We were sitting in a quiet waiting room with one other couple and a single man. The couple left quickly to see the doctor. The second gentleman was also waiting to see our oncologist. We spoke with him and of course shared our own “story” with him. He listened intently to all we had to say. Finally I asked him if we could pray for him for healing. He agreed and was very grateful for the prayer.

After our appointment with the doctor, we went to visit a woman in our congregation who had been hospitalized for a heart problem. She was sharing the room with two other women.  We prayed for her of course and then we started talking with Jean, one of the other women in the room. After spending some time getting to know her, we asked if we could pray for her. We had a blessed time of prayer and she was very appreciative.

We then turned to Tova, the other woman in the room and asked her permission. She had been observing us closely and her response was an overwhelming, “Yes, Please pray for me.” She started to weep as we loosed the resurrection power of Yeshua upon her damaged heart. At the end of the prayer, she kissed our hands with so much gratitude and love. She then asked us to please pray for her son who was recently diagnosed with cancer in his brain! Again we declared the healing power of God on her son. She held on to us tightly and didn’t want us to leave. We assured them both that we would be praying for them every day.

What can I say….our trips to the hospital, which in the natural are long and boring, in the Spirit are so blessed! We are thrilled with all that God is doing. Two people that we have been praying for have returned to work and are cancer free. May the wave of healing only increase and may the testimony of Yeshua fill each and every person.

Please keep praying. Your prayers and love are so important to us as we contend not only for my healing, but for the release of a mighty wave of His power in Israel and throughout the world. We know the battle will intensify in the days to come, but the manifestation of signs and wonders in His body will bring an amazing harvest of souls everywhere. We are so very privileged to serve Him in these days.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, February 29, 2016.