Health Report from Pastor Santoro: Looking for Greater Release of the Miraculous

On February 11, we will pass six months since the initial brain surgery. I will have another MRI on February 17 and we ask you to join us in prayer declaring my brain cancer free!

I was also recently approved for a new treatment which is a vaccine that will cause my white blood cells to identify hidden cancer cells as “enemies” and thus work to destroy them. We appreciate all your prayers for increasing strength and stamina and that I would not suffer any side effects from the treatments. We are confident and believe that “By His stripes I AM HEALED!” Yeshua has “destroyed the works of the enemy” and “no weapon formed against me shall prosper.” In Him “the old has passed away and all things (my brain) have been made new.” We apply all of these promises and so many more from God’s Word to my current health situation and believe that “in Him we are more than conquerors.”

This is a long battle and one we are fighting not just for myself alone but we are contending to see and experience a greater release of the miraculous throughout the entire Body of Messiah. There are too many people we know who have been diagnosed with cancer and other diseases! Join us in this fight in prayer and we will see the power and mercy of the Lord manifest in my life and the lives all those who are afflicted. “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!”