Health update on Israeli evangelist Jacob Damkani

Jacob Damkani evangelizing on the streets of Tel Aviv with a team from Trumpets of Salvation

The following is a health update posted by Jacob’s wife, Elisheva, on Facebook, January 13, 2019.

A new week of shalom to you, precious friends.

We are enjoying a wonderful time here, the sun gives us a glimpse of the grace of God. He is good!

We are home. And we are so glad we are.

Jacob has become much more quiet, content, happy, the struggles became less, and he is much more part of the life around him since the day we came home. We are thankful for his stable condition, for his body to be strong and his mind to learn more and more of the things that seemed forgotten.

Most mornings he wakes up with a smile and in spite of the helpless state he is in he seems to be thankful, happy, smiling a lot and often laughing. He still communicates only with his eyes, his vocal chords won’t work with the canula still in.

Jacob is fighting bravely; but yes, he also has serious struggles and I would like to ask you for prayer.

Lying in bed for so long and not being able to move much, he does have a lot of pain. We do physiotherapy daily but still… Please pray for wisdom that we can help him better.

Also, in rehab he seemed to have suffered more than we knew. He has a serious trauma from being hurt (nurses never have enough time and obviously hurt him) and he is now scared when someone comes close or touches him. Before rehab he could not get enough hugs. Please pray with us for that trauma to be healed. In His stripes we are healed

Traditional medicine tries to be careful, not to take risks, and it is a struggle to get the canula out. I so much want it out especially since Jacob does not need any oxygen for a long time, he is breathing all on his own and this hole in his neck does disturb him. Pray with me to find a doctor that is willing to help us to get this thing out.

And please pray for the family, for everyone involved, to receive the love, strength and wisdom from the Lord to deal with Jacob’s situation and with his/her own pain. It has not been easy for some, for all of us. Seing this strong man in bed and in a wheelchair, totally depending on people to help him with everything, is not easy to handle and we all need the grace of God to strengthen us.

It has been six months now since that surgery. Honestly I didn’t expect it to take so long for Jacob to wake up and come back to full life. Nevertheless I am still convinced that the Lord knows exactly what He is doin, and that what He does in His love is the very best – for us and for the Kingdom.

May we all be drawn closer to Him this week, may the Spirit of God reveal to us what still stands in the way for God to reign in our lives, to really reign, to take over and for us to say “Hineni, here I am, Lord, take me, mold me, make use of me for your glory.”

With much love and a thankful heart for you all, faithfully and lovingly standing with us in this challenging time, Elisheva

“O LORD, the God of Israel,
there is no god like You
in heaven or on earth,
keeping covenant and showing lovingkindness to Your servants
who walk before You with all their heart…
2 Chronicles 6:14, NASB