Heart of G-d Ministry Update – October 2015

The October update from Heart of G-d, the Ministry of Richard and Carolyn Hyde:

Ministry:  Recently I (Carolyn) was invited to minister in worship at the Yardenit, where many of you may have been baptised.  Before going up on the stage, I noticed a young man who looked rather lost so I asked him if he was OK.  Upon hearing his Hebrew accent, I asked him if he was a believer in Yeshua.   “I’m searching,” he answered.  He stayed and listened for the two hours of worship and afterwards I was able to give him one of our outreach booklets and speak with him.

New Video Production:  Thank you for your love and prayers as we begin production on a new outreach video using “Vayahe Or“, the first song on our “Just Like Joseph” CD.  Our hope is that through this video we can present the Gospel through the story of a young woman who comes out of darkness into the Light.  At the end of the video, we pray that people will visit the Medabrim website to see more about Messiah.  We will be filming in the hills of Jerusalem in an area of the forest where there are ancient sites with most likely ancient spirits floating around.  So we truly appreciate your prayer coverage that the Spirit of G-d will rest upon the director, Michael Hilsden and the actors and actresses and everyone involved.

Violence in the Land:  During the height of the week of terrible knife attacks across the Land, I picked up two Orthodox Jewish hitchhikers.  When they said where they’d like to exit the car, I warned them of that area and drove out of my way to bring them to a safer spot.  As they listened to my CD, the man held the CD cover over his heart.  After explaining that I follow Yeshua, he said he’d heard about Yeshua from a believer in the army so we had a great conversation about the Messiah!  Before they left the car, I asked, “Would you like to take the music with you?”  “Can I?!”  He gladly received it and with much gratitude the left.

Upcoming Journey:   We hope to see many of you as we travel to Germany and Austria next week for a time of school ministry and sharing in churches.  In the past when we’ve shared in the public schools in Germany, a significant portion of the students have prayed to receive the L-rd so thank you for joining us in praying for a fruitful visit!  Shortly after returning from Germany, we fly to the USA for a time of ministry in Texas and Louisiana.  If you’d like to join us at any of these meetings, please check our website schedule for dates and times.

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”  Psalm 119:105