Heaven’s King and Great High Priest, Melchi Zedek

Yeshua would come to earth in a Body prepared for Him, through the virgin, the fulfillment of the two families of king David and high priest Zadok of Aaron. Hebrews 10:5 & Jeremiah 33:24

The Righteous Seed of Genesis 3:15 ran from Eve to Miriam, through the two families of the kings from David and high priests from Aaron.  From Eve this Seed went to Abram, who in Genesis 14:18 was blessed by a Man with three divine titles (Melchi Zedek, Priest of God Most High, and King of Salem) who blessed Abram and this Seed with a King Priest blessing. This Seed then went to Isaac, and to Jacob (Israel). This Seed went on to Judah, and then to Amminadab, and to Amminadab’s son Nahshon. It ran from Nahshon on to king David. But this Seed also split, and went to Amminadab’s daughter, Elisheva. Elisheva then married Aaron.

This Seed went to Aaron’s son Eleazar and grandson Phinehas, and ran on to high priest Zadok. From these two families, David’s & Zadok’s, this Seed went to Miriam’s father from David, and also to Miriam’s mother from Zadok, & then this Seed merged back again, and into Miriam. Then this Seed (from Eve) + God, the Holy Spirit begot Yeshua at conception in the womb of virgin Miriam. 

50% of our Lord & Savior Yeshua’s earthly identity is not being taught; & the complete Truth of Yeshua’s Eternal Blood Sacrifice is also not being taught, either in the Messianic Body or the Church world.  It’s all about the full Mystery of who Yeshua is, and also what is contained in His Blood. God placed this Truth in His Word in many different places in the Old and New Covenants. 

The Blood of Yeshua, the Eternal Sacrifice, came from the Man from David’s family and also from Aaron’s family. For Yeshua’s virgin mother Miriam was from both of these two families.

God’s Son, the King and Great High Priest, Melchi Zedek, came to earth, born from the line of kings from David and high priests from Zadok of Aaron giving absolute Perfection to what was accomplished at Yeshua’s birth and when He died on the Cross.

‘…a Body You have prepared for Me.’ Hebrews 10:5 (Psalm 40:6)

I will now show you this Mystery from the Word of God in a few easy steps. My newest book is called, ‘Yeshua, my King of Righteousness, from the ‘Seed’ of king David and high priest Zadok of Aaron!’ This book goes into much greater depth of reve- lation on this subject. This book, along with 4 other books I have written on this subject are all available free on my website, for you to download and study, and also to be able to send out to others.

Here are the highlights in 12 easy steps to follow showing that Yeshua came from the high priest family of Zadok of Aaron:

1) Yeshua has a Heavenly Father יהוה, and Yeshua had an earthly mother, the virgin Miriam.

2) The virgin Miriam had a father and a mother. This sounds so basic, yet it contains the missing key! Miriam’s father was the fulfillment of the family of king’s from David from the tribe of Judah. Miriam’s mother was the fulfillment of the family of high priest Zadok, from high priest Aaron. God had clearly told us that Miriam was also from Aaron in Luke 1:36, and Luke 1:5.

3) The angel Gabriel told Miriam about her Child Yeshua’s inheritance: Luke 1:31-36 Since Miriam was a virgin, her Child had no sin. Since He had no earthly father, her Child was never  an Aaronic priest, and never from the tribe of Levi. But through Miriam, Yeshua is always a Son from the family of Aaron!  

a) Yeshua’s inheritance from His Father, Yahweh (יהוה) …

… 1) Yeshua will be the Son of the Highest! Luke 1:32  

… 2) Yeshua will also be the Son of God! Luke 1:3

b) Yeshua’s inheritance from Miriam’s earthly father …                    

1) Yeshua will Reign on Throne of His father David! Luke 1:32  

2) Yeshua will Reign over the House of Jacob forever! Luke 1:33

c) Yeshua’s inheritance from Miriam’s earthly mother’s family … Yeshua is a Son from Aaron, and from the same family of Aaron as Miriam’s relatives Elisheva and priest Zechariah of Aaron! Luke 1:36 “… Elisheva, your relative …”; the Greek word means a close blood kin relative. Strong’s Greek Concordance # 4773 means a relative by blood. Miriam is from Aaron! Luke 1:36, 1:5

Did God tell us specifically what family of Aaron they were from?  

God gave us the answer with many clues, in Luke 1:6 and 1:75, when He mentioned that they were both righteous before God. Only one priest family of Aaron was allowed to come before God, and that was the Zadokite high priest family. Also the word zadok means righteous. Both priest Zechariah and the virgin Miriam had also come into God’s presence through God’s angel Gabriel.

Why was it important for God to open the whole New Covenant by first mentioning this old Aaronic priest couple? What was the mystery of priest Zechariah and his wife Elisheva of the daughters of Aaron, and how was Yeshua related to this family? Luke 1:5-33

This answer is found by first looking at three major Old Covenant Messianic prophesies, specifically related to the Messiah’s coming from the high priest family of Zadok of Aaron.

4) Yeshua told us clearly in Luke 24:44 that all things must be fulfilled concerning Himself which were written in the Law of Moses, and in the Prophets, and in the Psalms of David.

So now let’s look at the Old Covenant Messianic prophesies given by three different prophets about the coming of the Messiah, and a special Hebrew word for Messiah, the word ‘Branch’ (צמח, Tzemach), which is found in only 5 places in the whole Hebrew Tanakh, or the Old Covenant.

5) Jeremiah 23:5, 6 Here we see the Branch (Tzemach, צמח) of Righteousness, and the LORD our Righteousness, coming from the family of king David, concluding from these two divine titles that the Messiah would be a Son from the family of king David.

6) Jeremiah 33:14-24  Versus 14 thru 17 are basically a repeat of Jeremiah 23:5, 6. In verse 17, the Man who is the Branch (Tzemach, צמח) of Righteousness, (the Messiah) is once again coming from the seed of king David. But in verse 18, Tzemach, (צמח) Branch of Righteousness is also related to the Man coming from the family of Aaron who is before God (lifanay), and the One who also does the Sacifice for all days!  By saying before Me, God was telling us which priest family of Aaron this Man was from, the family of high priest Zadok, the only family of Aaron allowed to come before God. Verse 24 talks of the two families that God had chosen, David’s family and Aaron’s family. Chosen for what? Chosen for the Body for God’s Son, the Branch (Tzemach, צמח) of Righteousness, 15, and the LORD our Righteousness, verse 16, (Emmanu El) ‘the Seed’ prepared in the virgin. Isaiah 7:13, 14                              

7) In Ezekiel 43:18,19 & Ezekiel 44:15, 16, God says only sons of the high priest Zadok would be allowed to come before God, into God’s presence, and to offer the blood sacrifice before God.

Yeshua had to perfectly fulfill all these same requirements for His sinless Blood Sacrifice to have been totally accepted by His Heavenly Father! Heaven’s King and Great High Priest Yeshua, is Melchi Zedek, ‘my King of Righteousness’, a Son from the seed of high priest Zadok & king David, thru His virgin mother Miriam.

8) Zechariah 3:1-9  The Branch, God’s Servant Tzemach (צמח) would be born from the family of Yehoshua, a Zadokite Aaronic high priest. (This high priest’s name is also Yeshua in Ezra and Nehemiah.) In 3:4, 9, the iniquity of this high priest and also of the land was removed thru Tzemach’s (Messiah’s) Blood. The dominion of the earth had been given to man; only a sinless Man could redeem the sins of mankind and the earth. (Genesis 3:17-19) Here we see Tzemach, Yeshua, coming as the Son of Man! No Aaronic priest’s sacrifice could ever remove iniquity of the land.  

9) Zechariah 6:11-13 Here we see the Branch, the Man Tzemach (צמח), Heaven’s King Priest, who would be of the Zadok Aaronic high priest family from Yehoshua. He shall build the Temple of the LORD, which is repeated twice, and also bear the Glory. This is God, since only God bears the Glory! This is Yeshua, Tzemach, Heaven’s King and Great High Priest, Melchi Zedek, my King of Righteousness, prophesied coming to earth as the Son of God!  

In 70 A.D., when the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed, so were the records of Zadokite priests; therefore only Yeshua has fulfilled all these Messianic prophesies related to the Zadokite priest family.

10) Isaiah 4:2  The Branch (Tzemach, צמח) Jehovah (יהוה) would be both the Son of God and the Son of man!  Does the Fruit of the earth being excellent refer to Yeshua’s future spiritual sons of God?

11) When the angel Gabriel appeared to priest Zechariah (Luke 1:9-20) this showed Zechariah was a son from the Zadokite priest family, since he came into God’s presence. Also because priest Zechariah was ministering at the Altar of incense (Exodus 30:1, 7) when angel Gabriel appeared to him, this showed that Zechariah was also God’s real mystery high priest (revelation from Dick Reuben, in 1993), since the time the Maccabees had thrown out  the Zadok high priest and all the other Zadokite priests in 165 B.C. Zechariah’s son Yochanan (John) would then be the next mystery Zadok high priest, the highest order of Aaronic priestly authority!

The reason that God said that Zechariah had to name his son Yochanan (God is gracious) was that this was the name of the last Zadokite high priest in 165 B.C.; God was keeping His Promises to the Zadokite high priest family for Messiah to be able to come to earth the first time, because God had announced that Messiah would be coming through these two familes, David’s and Zadok’s.

Yeshua is the Branch, Tzemach (צמח), Melchi Zedek!

He is our King and our Great High Priest! Yeshua is Heaven’s King, the King of kings, the King of Glory!

Yeshua is also the fulfillment of the earthly line of kings, from the family of king David of the tribe of Judah!

Yeshua is also Heaven’s Great High Priest, Melchi Zedek, my King of Righteousness! And through His mother Miriam,

He is also from the family of high priest Yehoshua (Yeshua), of high priest Zadok (righteous), of high priest Aaron!

Yeshua is the absolute fulfillment of all the Old Covenant Messianic prophesies of the Messiah being both Man and God!

Yeshua could never have been an Aaronic priest for this one simple reason, He had no earthly father. But His virgin mother Miriam was from two families, David’s and Zadok’s of Aaron.  

This is how Yeshua fulfilled these Messianic prophesies at birth.

12) The Hebrew 7:11-14 passage is totally correct! It’s all about Yeshua’s father’s families, and also about Yeshua’s Priesthood. Priesthood can only come from the father’s family line. Yeshua’s Priesthood is from His Heavenly Father … the Melchi Zedek Priesthood from Heaven. (Psalm 110:1, 4) Yeshua’s family tribe was from Miriam’s father, the tribe of Judah. Yeshua was from the family of king David, from the tribe of Miriam’s father. But this passage never mentions Miriam’s mother’s family, i.e. Luke 1:36.

Historically, God formed the Aaronic priesthood from two tribes: the tribes of Levi and Judah. Aaron, Moses’s and Miriam’s brother from the tribe of Levi married Elisheva. Elisheva’s father was Amminadab, and her brother was Nahshon, head of the family of the tribe of Judah. Aaron and Elisheva then had four sons.

Notice that God used these same two women’s names in Luke 1, and also God would again use these two tribes of Judah and Levi in the formation of the Melchi Zedek Priesthood on the earth, but this time through the two families of virgin Miriam from Judah.

God prophetically announced in Jeremiah 33:24 that His Son, Yeshua, would be coming to earth through these two families, king David’s family and high priest Zadok’s family of Aaron.

Now a very important question. So What? What do all these Revelations really mean for us today & for the Salvation of Israel?

These new Revelations about Yeshua and His sinless Blood Sacrifice will be a major key to help bring about a much greater Jewish Havest of souls. The whole Truth is always greater than only half of the Truth. For 2000 years the main teaching that has been taught is about Yeshua and His Blood Sacrifice from David.

The reason why Yeshua’s sinless Blood carries such infinite Power and Authority for all believers is because Yeshua’s Blood  is never separated from the Holy Spirit of God, who dwells in the spirit of all true born again believers! Hebrews 9:14

‘… how much more shall the Blood of the Messiah, who through the Eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the Living God?’

For there are three that bear witness in Heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit

There are three who bear witness on earth, the Holy Spirit of Truth, the Living Water, and the sinless Blood of Yeshua1 John 5:7, 8

When the Holy Spirit reveals new revelations about the Blood of Yeshua, the result will be release of Living Waters! Revival!

Yeshua’s Blood sacrifice is what made us into the One New Man. Yeshua’s Blood carries in it who He is, as Heaven’s King and Great High Priest, Melchi Zedek, my King of Righteouness.                    

All Jewish and Gentile believers have Yeshua’s Jewish Blood

in their spirit. His Jewish Blood is the fulfillment of Jewish kings and Jewish high priests from Zadok. It is Yeshua’s Jewish Blood which broke down the dividing wall, making us the One New Man.

God’s Word says He will only honor a blood sacrifice coming from a priest who is also a son from the seed of high priest Zadok.     

In 70 A.D., the genealogy records of the Aaronic priest families were destroyed at the same time that the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed. Therefore do the Orthodox and ultra Orthodox Jews really know today who is from this Zadokite high priest family?

Orthodox religious Jews know God never honored a blood sacrifice coming from one who is not from Aaron; they have never heard that Yeshua is also of the seed of high priest Zadok of Aaron.   

They know nothing about these new revelations of Yeshua. Soon they will build their Temple in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah. But Yeshua alone is the only One who fulfilled all these prophesies of Messiah coming from the family of high priest Zadok. Yeshua’s Blood carries within it the blood of the Zadokite high priest family.   

Ezekiel 44:23, 24, God says that judgmental authority has been given by God to priests who carry this Zadokite high priest blood line, which also reveals another prophetic mystery for all believers.

All these new revelations on Yeshua are from the Holy Spirit, and tell believers more about who we are. For our King and Great High Priest Yeshua is transforming us daily into His own image and likeness. We are being changed to serve Yeshua as kings and priests in the soon coming Millennial Reign of our King and Great High Priest of Heaven, our Lord and  Savior and Messiah, Yeshua! 

God first began showing me these revelations about 25 years ago.