Hebraic Roots Network: Presenting the Scriptures from a Hebrew Perspective

One of the chief messenger methods for teaching about how the church can revive and restore the faith of the 1st century has been the internet. The capability to study teachings, share thoughts and network has made this tool a serious factor in the carrying out of the “Great Commission” to make disciples (not form denominations) of all nations. The most recent and most effective internet tool has been ITV (Internet TV). Although it got off to a bad start in the 1990’s and almost disappeared due to slow bandwith and ISP issues, ITV today is available online and by mobile apps.

The first ITV Messianic networks were mostly a mix of the first Torah teachers and traditional church related broadcasts arranged on a daily schedule. Technology limited many things, from production quality to graphics. But in 2012 an idea started by Scott Diffenderfer in Tennessee grew from design to astounding success.

Hebraic Roots Network worked to gain financing, develop a plan and use the best technology to produce and deliver high-quality Scripture teaching programs that not only draw the audience into the subject taught but hold their interest. The mix of teachers, all of whom have independent ministries, the growth of their own souls as they teach an audience of new and old followers, and the mix of approaches all combine into the most successful Messianic ITV network available today. The Messianic way has followers in many regions worldwide. Amazingly there are ministries in India, Pakistan and several African nations. The ability to receive teachings and communicate has energized the spread of discipleship on a scale not achieved before and with genuine results.

Hebraic Roots Network has matched the most capable teachers, each with a different perspective on presenting Scripture, with a mix of music and conference broadcasts which bring together all who seek truth in God’s Word from God’s perspective. “Church TV” has run the gamut from televangelists to faith healers to televised conferences and traditional worship services. There are several long running series from mainstream Protestant preachers from Pat Robertson to a re-born again Jim Bakker. Hebraicrootsnetwork presents a well-tuned mix of well-known teachers such as Brad Scott and Bill Cloud and includes music from such popular singers as Marty Goetz and Jonathan Settel. Production values are at the best, showing the care and planning that have gone into the network. The mix of teaching, instructional and encouraging family entertainment make this a mainstay in the new work of internet tv. New teachers and ministries such as The Joshua Generation team with long-time teachers like Rico Cortes to reach audiences worldwide. Most teachers make regular teaching tours of Israel and those who travel with them gain an insider’s knowledge of The Land from an experienced team of guides. The website offers a host of resources that help acquaint viewers with Israel and the place of Torah within the daily life of Israel. Today, hebraicrootsnetwork.com is the acknowledged leader in Messianic programming and is the model for success in connecting believers and those seeking a firm foundation for faith.