Hidden ones

hidden (Heb; tzaphan) to hide (by covering over); by impl. To hoard or reserve. Also to protect


I was praying with a brother. We often come together to pray, intercede, soak in the lovely presence of Yeshua. We got to praying for the nearby towns, villages and kibbutzim in the area when the Lord Yeshua impressed it upon my heart that He needed access to peoples hearts; “The son of man has nowhere to lay His head.” This struck me, He can’t come in unless place is made for Him, it is only through repentance that a way can be prepared for the Lord. “O Lord come and rest in me!” The Elijah – John the Baptist ministry is what is needed at this hour. A strong call to, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

I saw the seemingly utter impossibility of this, there is a need for an anointing from on high that exceeds anything we’ve ever known or even dreamed about. I read lately that when John G. Lake arrived in Africa he experienced an anointing so great and so powerful that enabled him to meet the task at hand. Then Africa lay open, ready to receive. But now Israel, How much more is needed? A stiff-necked people, proud and utterly determined to maintain that Jesus has nothing to do with their walk with God. In fact to believe in Yeshua is considered genocide and not possible for a Jew. How is it possible? The Lord is working mightily in the hearts of many believers in the Land but there is not a demonstration of His power to, “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and preach the Good news of salvation.” I am not saying there are not encouraging testimonies, there are, but not enough.

I prayed, “Lord you have brought your people from all over the earth from where they had been scattered, gathered them to this land. But we are not yet a Holy people, everything we do shows that we do not know you or even care to know you. We either find refuge in dry Holy Spiritless religion, which denies your power and your salvation. Or we are a godless, secular, humanistic, hedonistic, self-seeking, new age, rebellious people and we cannot do the right thing or change. Surely you have a plan; I know you have a plan… What is it that you have up your sleeve? Just let me know what you have up your sleeve?

I felt the Lord say, “Do you want to know what I have up my sleeve?”

“Yes Lord, show me.”

He answered one sentence in the plural “It is you.”

You are my hidden ones, my hand by which I will reveal my mighty right arm. As it is written:

My people will be willing in the day of my power in the majesties of holiness from the womb of the dawn.

There is a small band of people, called, chosen and being prepared. They are desperate for God, seeking intimacy with their commander and King. Determined to make a place, a home in their hearts for all of the fullness of Messiah, so that he will not be as a stranger traveling through with no place to rest His head. These have been undergoing deep purging and stripping. Instead of increasing and waxing fat they have been brought to a place of utter dependency on Him and His promises. While the game has been continuing on the table with ongoing victories and defeats, these have been kept hidden close to the masters heart, being set in order for the open declaration and awesome manifestation of His uncontestable, glorious, undeniable victory and triumph. These will herald the sure revelation to the hearts and minds of the lost sheep of the house of Israel that Yeshua is the Messiah the son of the living God. Our redeemer and the corban [sacrifice] of our sins.

And I believe Him. I believe that He is preparing a people in the land who will rise up as one in manifest demonstration of His grace, power and mercy to the gathered people of Israel, when in the darkest hour and all seems lost, our strength gone. Then, He will show His hand, His trump cards, the fullness of His five-fold ministry, His royal flush of hearts, red and blood washed overflowing with His powerful love. HIS GLORY WILL BE REVEALED IN HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL!