Holocaust survivors celebrate a “Day of Victory” in Israel

In this year of 2017, the month of May is full of significant celebrations for the nation of Israel and especially for survivors of the Holocaust. May 1, Israel commemorated their fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. May 2, Israel celebrated 69 years of Independence as a declared state. May 24, Israel celebrated 50 years of the Reunification of Jerusalem. And an additional day of celebration, lesser known to the west, is the “Day of Victory” which took place on May 9. As many of those who survived the Holocaust have immigrated to Israel from Europe and the former Soviet Union, May 9 ranks high on the charts of importance when it comes to celebrating victories over oppressors.

Dancing-on-may-ninth-300x226This year, several of the congregations whom CBN Israel has partnered with in serving Holocaust Survivors throughout Israel, hosted local events in honor of this “Day of Victory.” As in every celebration, an event would not be complete without singing, dancing and food!

In Holon, our partners were presented with a certificate of appreciation, honoring their dedication and service to the local community of Holocaust Survivors. In the Krayot, a group of women joined the celebration hosted by our partners and gave the gift of dance. It was a sort of re-enactment of war and victory.  Many of the survivors cried and expressed their gratitude to our partners for all their love and care.

Victory-dance-300x172For the past four years, our believing partners have committed to serving Survivors in many ways including home visits, hosting special events, providing tours to various parts of the country, and delivering food vouchers or packages each month. Both through words and works, the message of God’s love and faithfulness has been clearly conveyed and received.

The way that CBN Israel has contributed to expressing God’s love to Holocaust Survivors is through giving over 1,300 food vouchers to be distributed through the hands of our partners. In addition, CBN Israel responds and funds special needs a Survivor may have such as a need for a walker, an oven or something of the like.

Meeting these needs and contributing to God’s work of love being shown to hundreds of survivors could not be possible without the help of those who give. Would you consider giving a gift today? We and all those we serve are ever so grateful.

This article originally appeared on CBN Israel, May 29, 2017, and reposted with permission.

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