Honouring Holocaust Survivors

How do I put into words what took place last night? Imagine a room of 100 holocaust survivors, each one marked with a painful past of the holocaust, where Hitler plundered and stole from them in Europe and then tried to kill them all. But thank God this evil plan did not succeed. Then after being displaced, they needed to find a home, so many of them immigrated to Israel where they became pioneers in this land, which was also not an easy task. So in my eyes, this group of 100 holocaust survivors are heroes! And this evening was about blessing and honouring them!

Now also in this room was a group of 77 Canadians (also some Americans as well), each one holding a special gift in their hand. Last summer, director of Return Ministries Canada, Dean Bye, with a team of people went across Canada collecting donations to bless Israel. The people gave from their hearts, even to the point where they took off their wedding rings! Return Ministries then took the gold and silver that was collected and melted it down and made “restoration rings”, a gold and silver band that reads restoration in hebrew. Very beautiful and high quality rings. So each person took one of the rings and placed it on a finger of a holocaust survivor! As you can imagine there were big smiles, teary eyes and warm hugs also included in this beautiful exchange! Then afterwards singing and dancing broke out!

Return Ministries, Helping Hand Coalition and the Aliyah Return Center were the organisations that put this event on together. Hopefully there will be more events like this until every holocaust survivor in the world will have a restoration ring on their finger!