Hope blooms in Tel Aviv – opening of new counseling center

Tel Aviv, Israel - Aerial view of Ramat Gan district from 49th floor of Circular Tower, one of three skyscrapers of Azrieli Center complex in Tel Aviv

Anchor of Hope Counseling Center was officially launched in 2014 in a former pornography shop that was right across from the King of Kings worship sanctuary, the Pavilion. Since that beginning we have had over 650 sessions with clients who were ministered to in Hebrew, English and Russian. We have served believers from fourteen different nations, and helped in areas such as relationships, addiction, bereavement, transitions, depression, family issues, couple counseling, and more. God has brought together a wonderful team of counselors.

We realized over the past 2 years that more and more clients were coming from the Tel Aviv area. Sometimes the traffic was difficult, but nevertheless people came. The need was definitely there for a branch of Anchor of Hope in Tel Aviv.

Joanna Sa’ada
Joanna Sa’ada

God had just the right person in mind to manage that branch. Joanna Sa’ada completed the thirty-week Anchor of Hope Biblical Counseling Course in 2015 and began volunteering at Anchor of Hope counseling center. She helped many people and loved doing so. She expressed that she wanted more training. And so after much hard work, last summer, Joanna received her MA in Family Counseling. From Liberty University. She accomplished this while working full-time and continuing to volunteer at the counseling center.

When the vision for providing counseling in Tel Aviv was shared with Pastor Chad Holland of King of Kings and with Avi Mizrachi of Dugit Ministries, the way opened up. Avi generously donated office space for our new branch.

We are overjoyed to share that Joanna is now overseeing the Anchor of Hope, Tel Aviv office. We are beginning with one day and hoping to expand our hours. Joanna is already seeing clients and offering her trained expertise and godly counsel.

Yeshua tells us that the Kingdom of God is like a tiny mustard seed that eventually grows to a big tree that can provide shelter for many. In His timing the mustard seed that is Anchor of Hope has begun to sprout, and hope is blooming in Tel Aviv.