How great is our God

Name above all Names – HE is worthy of our praise – How great, how great is our God.
I was inspired to repeat the below comment as I saw the photographs that a super powerful telescope that was launched into space on December 25, 2021, recently began to send back to its operators on the Earth. The James Webb Space Telescope took 20 years to build and cost 10 billion dollars which is a massive amount of effort and money, just to be able to look back into time and lean more about the beginnings of the Universe. It is much easier just to read the first few chapters of Genesis. Anyhow the photographs, if they are authentic, are amazing, and the distances and sizes the space scientists are claiming are mind blowing, if they are true. I am sure that some information the scientists tell us is not always factual, just like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. We have been told for  more than 100 years that evolution is a fact, but we know that is a lie which has robbed millions of faith in YHVH, and has cost them their Eternity in His presence. And I have a deep concern that the photos coming from this new telescope may also cause many people to doubt the Bible. For me, if these photos and statistics being reported from the telescope are in fact the real thing, it just makes God even more amazing than I already considered. If you are interested you can find the photos from the telescope on the NASA Space Agency website.

As most of you will know, the title of the comment are the words of a song that is currently one of the most popular worship songs being sung in churches around the world. I have written previous comments encouraging you to consider the how great YHVH – the God of Israel truly is. I don’t think any human being can even begin to comprehend how Great God is. I believe that it is very important to stop every now and then and think deeply about the God who created us, loves us, and has personally called us into His Kingdom. Every Jewish prayer declares Baruch Atah Yehovah, Eloheinu Melech ha Olam  Blessed are you Yehovah our God, Creator of the Universe. He is not just the God of Israel; He is not just the God of the Earth; He is the Creator of the entire Universe and every last atom in it. Hallelu YAH

I enjoy watching National Geographic and Discovery science programs on TV, especially programs about the Universe because it is so enormous. Actually I don’t think there is a word in any language that can describe the Universe. It is so unimaginably huge, and the power that is generated out there by the creation and collapse of stars, black holes and other things going on out there in space also defy human understanding. Scientists try to come up with explanations and theories as to how the Universe came into being, but they have no way to explain how the expanse and power of the Universe came from nothing. If they really want to know how the impossible happened, they should read the Bible and believe it.

Very simple explanation from Genesis chapter 1: The Spirit of the God of Israel spoke from the invisible spiritual realm and the physical realm came into being – and it was very good. The Holy Spirt spoke the natural Universe into being as He uttered the words of creation in Hebrew. Every letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a numeric value and I believe as the Spirit declared the Universe into being, the numeric value of the Hebrew words that He was uttering created the physics that created the physical reality. On one hand my theory is very simple, but on the other hand the Universe is extremely complicated, ordered and controlled, so the level of intelligence behind it can only be attributed to the GREAT GOD of the Bible – YHVH the GOD of Israel.

I like to watch programs about nature as they increase my faith in YHVH. The way every living thing is designed and created is also beyond comprehension. From the largest creatures  on Earth (whales) to the smallest (insects), everything on this planet is so perfectly designed for its function and survival, that the only reasonable explanation is the GREAT GOD of Israel ! Just a simple cell and the DNA that causes it to function is millions of times more intricate than anything man has created. I like how evangelist Ray Comfort confronts people who claim that there is no God. He takes a regular 200 page book and asks the person if the cover, the paper, the ink just materialised from nowhere and the book began to exist. The people always say “of course not – that is impossible and ridiculous.”  Ray then tells them the text of the book contains less than 500,000 letters, that are arranged perfectly to produce the content of the book, and then he tells them that their own body contains about 37.2 trillion cells. Each cell is about 1/4 the thickness of a strand of your hair. In the centre of each cell is your DNA code which contains more than 3 billion letters. It is these 3 billion perfectly arranged letters in the DNA code that makes a person who they are. Height, weight, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, body shape, facial features are all produced by the DNA. Ray then asks the person, that if a book which contains only 500,000 letters can not come into existence without intelligent design, do they really believe that their infinately more intricate body can exist without an intelligent Creator ? Most people have no response to continue to deny the existence of GOD.

My point is that every living thing, from a simple blade of grass to the crown of creation, the Human Being, exist because the GREAT GOD designed the DNA code. Your body contains 3 billion times 37.2 trillion letters in your DNA. That = 3 billion x 37.2 trillion letters of DNA in your body that make you who you are. My calculator can not even do the calculation, but the DNA letters in your body would stretch out for over 5592 miles or 9000 km in a straight line. I am not telling you these facts to boggle your mind, I am telling you in the hope that you will stop reading for a few minutes and meditate on the awesomeness of the GREAT GOD of Israel.

Hopefully, because of this week’s comment, next time and every time you hear the song How Great is Our GOD, you will think about the incredible size and power of the Universe, and the absolute wonder of how GOD had created and designed your DNA, and as you sing How Great is Our GOD, your spirit, your mind, and your heart will soar up into the Heavenlies, and you will encounter the GREAT God of Israel in a way that you have never experienced before. YHVH truly is worthy of our praise !  And let us tell as many people as possible about our Great GOD.